I don’t understand why he chose to be a tree god,And I was imprisoned in it and not free,Another key is,If you become a tree god, you will never die,Then you have to accept imprisonment forever,What is the difference between such a deity and life imprisonment??

The tree god laughed again:”Xiao Zhao, you don’t know the joy of being a god,Although I cherish the body,But that thing will decay sooner or later,Even if it won’t decay,If a person’s soul is confined to the body for a long time,Isn’t this a more cruel and more painful imprisonment??Although I am separated now,But compared to being trapped by the body before, it’s so much easier,For example, when I fall asleep now, I will enter various dreams,I can travel freely in multiple levels of space,How can such a happy mortal understand?“
I was frightened by his theory,Thinking about it, there is some truth in it,No wonder he is so addicted to sleep,It turns out that this is his free-flying lifestyle,anyway,I benefited a lot from communicating with the tree god this time,First I solved the problem of treasures and cheats,But what about Holy Orchard?I still don’t know where the Holy Orchard is,Why don’t I strike while the iron is hot and ask him?
”Xiao Zhao, don’t be too greedy!Ha ha,You are not satisfied with giving you so much information?“The tree god’s voice is gentle and authentic。
Maybe I don’t look good,The tree god sighed again:”We and the Orchard Clan are originally a brotherhood of symbiosis and prosperity,If i expose their location,In the future,If the sacred fruit is transported to sea by you,At that time this account must be counted on our patrons,Then the two sides will not be able to avoid a fierce battle,You know i like peace,What I hate the most is fighting war,And what I hate the most in my life are those predatory bastards!Xiao Zhao,Don’t be too greedy,Just like you deal with men and women affairs,Too complicated but not good,Some things will cause you to fall。“
That’s all,I noticed his tone was a bit blunt,I guess my idea makes him unhappy。
”You go back and prepare,Conversion will happen tomorrow,Hey,I haven’t talked so much to people in a long time,Feel so tired。“
Finished saying this,With a long sigh,The voice of the tree god disappeared without a trace,Looking at the tree hole, the naked tree roots. Body man,I’m not afraid anymore,Instead, I think this man with green moss on his head is very interesting,It’s not like the cannibal devil described by the old turtle。
Just out of the tree hole,Old tortoise greeted me with a smile,Seeing his smiling face desperately made me sick。
Chapter One Hundred Ninety One Wrath of the Tree God
Go back to the tree layer where you live,Lu Xiong and Wenru still awake,They lie on the couch in the living room and chat,Saw me coming in,They immediately turned over and sat up,Wen Ru asked eagerly:“Brother Zhao,I saw you go up with that dwarf!Where does he take you so late?”
Lu Xiong also looked at me with bewilderment,So I told the story of my meeting with the tree god,But did not say that the tree god asked me to help this matter,I just said that the tree god can help us find the treasure secret book。
The two of them were surprised,Haven’t spoken for a long time,Lu Xiong touched his face and said:“Brother Zhao,I want to meet the tree god,I want to talk to him about the treasure in person。”
I shook my head:“I think that we should give up,The tree god does not like to meet people,And he is irritable,Kill a life,I see that there are skeletons and bones everywhere in the tree hole,Probably all the victims of his anger,You better not go,You can’t come back if you upset him。”
Wen Ru also nodded:“Yes Luge,Since he wants to help us, let him help,You happen to have no map,It would be great to have a guide now。”
Lu Xiong suddenly smiled bitterly:“Brother Zhao,I’m not small-minded,I really can’t believe these guys on this island,Think about it,If the tree god knows where the treasure is,,Why don’t they dig?But to help us outsiders find treasure?This is not logical!”