Walked for about half an hour,Dense night,Blur the perspective,Can’t see far away,But under the moonlight, you can still tell that the end of the flat land is still forest,Ouyang, this is walking into the forest on the cliff,I haven’t set foot in this place yet,I didn’t expect to be preempted by this guy。

After entering the woods,Ouyang’s pace quickens,The torch in his hand is also extinguished,I heard him cursing,And then light a new torch,Walked in the woods for about half an hour,There is a broad meadow in front of the forest,The grass is bright and cheerful,There is a black cabin at the end!
I was so shocked by this scene that my heartbeat stopped!I rub!How could there be a wooden house in this place?What exactly is going on?
Suddenly remembered what Tao Tao said,She said that the kettle Xiao Zhu found at the water point,Is the water intake not far from the wooden house??And the other key is,Tao Tao did not say where the water intake point is,Guo Jinhai didn’t seem to ask,Could it be that the water point is in the flat ground on the cliff?
With the cover of grass and trees,I walked towards Ouyang quietly,With the help of the fire in his hand,I saw vines growing on the wooden roof,There are also clover clover around the wooden house,The look of the wooden house has a sense of age,Is made of thick logs,Green moss is also growing in the gaps in the logs。
Ouyang looked around sneakily,Suddenly walked to the wooden house,Reach out and knock on the door:“Xiao Zhang, are you there??Open the door quickly,I’m Uncle Ouyang。”
I’m terrifying,This guy is hiding someone here?It seems he hides deep enough!
At this time, the small window of the wooden house lit up,I rub,There is still light?
The wooden door opened with a creak,Ouyang put out the torch in his hand,Then walk in excitedly,I saw a white hand pull the door closed,In the faint light from the wooden house,I seem to see a strange bracelet on that hand。
A lot of thoughts went through my head in an instant,This person must be the survivor Ouyang found!
Out of a certain mentality,He hid this man,Suddenly think of his words,He said he stole Guo Jinhai’s large storage of wild pork,Suddenly plundered by wild animals,Obviously this is a lie!He is very likely to move the wild boar here!
Thought of here,I quickly sneaked towards the wooden house,Touched under the wooden house window,You can clearly hear the dialogue inside。That voice sounds like a woman!