No sound inside。Gan Xiaoxiao Zhile。She suddenly discovered that teasing Gan Yifan is actually a very interesting thing。

She thought about it,If Gan Yifan makes her unhappy again,She introduced him to his girlfriend。
Fishing boat docked,Wangyue Pavilion’s purchase car has been waiting here,Weighing,Loading,There are tens of thousands of dollars in Gan Yifan’s bank card。
Gan Xiaoxiao left with the car,The old stubborn sent two other variants of Luo Fei,Gan Yifan also returned home。
It’s actually very early now,Less than nine o’clock after eating,The appointment time with the people from Chenxi Medicine is 1 pm,Gan Yifan opened the textbook,Start to make up the lessons left last week。
Go to the island at noon,Went straight to the abandoned dock,The monster brought a mutant Luo Fei over,Eat grilled fish with rice。
I saw a fishing boat heading towards the center of the lake,Gan Yifan laughed,Talk to the monster:“I was drunk last week,You sent Luo Fei to the old uncle?”
The monster nodded。
“Old uncle is not easy,I heard he burns incense to worship every time he goes out of the lake,Could it be that he treats you as the Dragon King?”
The monster snorted,Splash,Turn your head and plunge into the water,Big long tail swings and disappears。
“The tail is really like a dragon。”Gan Yifan muttered,“But it looks nothing like,How can a dragon look so ugly。”
A stream of water spouted from the lake,Give him a face。
It’s already one o’clock in the afternoon,No trace of yachts on the lake,Gan Yifan is strange,Usually yachts will arrive on time,What’s going on today?
“twinkle Twinkle Little Star,The sky is full of little stars,Hang in the sky to light up,Like many small eyes……”
The phone ring rang at this time,His phone’s ringtones are relatively innocent,Since he has a mobile phone,Heard this nursery rhyme,Immediately fell in love,He likes stars,Have been using。
The call was from the security captain Zhu Yong who came over last weekend。