And the reason why we don’t use Miscanthus and Lavender on the 26th floor,Except the color is obviously unexpected,Also because the quality is too light,Easy to be blown away。”

Donze paused,Continue to explain:“But if it’s a huge golden sunflower,It will be prominent even at night,And the quality is relatively heavy,So don’t worry about being blown away。”
“That’s it。”Officer Takagi suddenly said:“So this is why he went to the corridor on the 25th floor to get the sunflower…”
“of course,This is just one of the most logical and rational guesses。”Tang Ze sighed。
“what?There are other sayings?”Officer Takagi was surprised。
“Yep。”Tang Ze nodded,With a slight sigh,“Although Yangichi didn’t know that Kashin Saburo was his biological father,I only hate him。
But maybe he noticed it instinctively,Blood connection between the two parties,So Yangichi couldn’t accept Kashin Saburo’s remarriage。
Those sunflowers scattered on the platform,Maybe it’s between Yang Yi unconsciously,For the memorial service of Saburo Soshin。”
“Maybe it’s true。”Takagi sighed and accepted this more humane reason。
The two got into the police car,Escort Lu Xinyang to the Metropolitan Police Department。
To the Metropolitan Police Department,The two made notes for Lu Xinyangyi,This case finally came to an end。
The rest is left to the judge,At least Tangze’s task as the police was successfully completed。
And the system’s settlement rewards have also appeared。
【One-half murderer】
【Congratulations to the host for getting200Fate point】
【Congratulations to the host for completing the side mission,Optional one year of skills as an additional reward!】