“Beibei help is very busy recently,I will not accompany you to the Nanshan.,Tomorrow, the old man has to turn back to the busy!”Hong Qiong finally remembered that he was the helper of the Beibei。

“Then I wish Hong Laoyi。”Chu Deirers these days,And Hong Qifong is also more familiar with some。
“Old scorpion,One thing to remind you。”Hong Qifong is serious。
“But the things of Juxianzhuang mysterious people?”Chu Deirers guess the road。
“Do not,That mysterious thing,Do you already know some??”Hong Qifong looks that there is no ortho,But it is still very keen,He even thinks,Chu Deirers already know the origin of mysterious people!
I am refurbishment、Still,Hong Qifong has skipped this topic:“Old 乞 丐 想 提 提,The more martial arts don’t, the better.、The higher the higher, the better……Old and your big brother,Also a set of dragons 18 palms to play all over the world,Gao Wushu you know now is a lot,On the martial arts can also be rushed to the top five in the young life.,You should also try it.,Or……Try out your own path。”
Seeing Hong Qifong is to remind himself to cultivate,Chu Deirers are grateful in their hearts,Triumph:“Thank you, Hong Lao reminded,Got it!”
Chapter 26 Chartroom
Hong Qifong is coming to the reminder,Chu Deirers are also in mind,This is not the first time someone reminds the Chu Deirers.。
certainly,Because of your own special consciousness,These advice can only listen half!
For Chu Deirers,Martial arts nature, the better,Martial arts、Only more fusion disabilities,This should be considered、Wushu’s will residue。
but“Specialization”Nothing,Even if you have“Practice”Martial arts,Also big potential can be excavated,Never say“Heart and gas”、“Potential and surgery”some type of。
Although there is“Integrate”Ability,But how to fuse,I have to pay attention to a division.,It is impossible to integrate into a martial art.,Otherwise, it will definitely pit……
I want to go,Chu Deirens have nothing to do,I only feel that there is too much martial arts.,I have to secretly decide first.,First use“Dream god”Time outside the internal strength,Come to refine a set“Technique”Try。
Just what kind of practice,Still picking up the eye!
Few days,When I came to the end of the mountain,Chu Deirers are just vague.,Remain“Uniform”。
“Chu Da Ge,In front of someone。”Wooden pupils on the front mountain pass,Someone,and……Still lying。
“In the past。”Chu Deirers directly hit the Malay to the past。
Be close to,Can you hear a snoring?,It looks like Mongolian,Some is a dressed up,However, it is not like a regular Mongolian soldier.。
“Who are you?,Why is it in the South??Is it necessary to ruin the wind of the Nanshan??”Chu Deirers asked。
certainly,In fact, don’t ask,Not the kind of snorkeling that is corrupt,It is a snorker that is broken by the arm.!
Gabble、咕 咕 咕 里 叽——Seven-mouth eight tongue,Chu Deirers did not understand a few words。
It is estimated that they also see Chu’s deer riding.,Also big call,So it’s called,In fact, I didn’t understand the words of the deer.。
“This heroes!We are the family of Huo Expedition.,Scrub,Please help us!”One most is a man of Han people.,At this time, I shouted to the Chu Deirers.。
Other Mongolian and Shu,See how God is like,But the Han people know more about people in the rivers and lakes.“Habits”——Prince’s family?I am afraid that people are not happy.,Directly……Didn’t escape far away!
Time、Huang Rong is also a men’s clothing,Also equipped with weapons,How to see is that people in the rivers and lakes are undoubtedly!
“Huo Co?”Chu Deirens recognized this name in the first time。
“good!My family is a disciple of Master’s adults.,Originally, we are in terms of courtesy.,But after the prince of Huo Expedition,I have encountered a whispering to attack us.,If hero is a derogatory,After the event, my prince must have a thick newspaper.!”This doesn’t know that some of the Han people shouted.。
Prince,I didn’t sound in Yunyuan.“valuable”。
Although it is comparable to ordinary people、And even slaves,It is definitely the five people six,Not“Wang’s son”the meaning of,But an aristocratic title……
Huo Extended in the old version,It is the real neighborhood of Tiemu.——only“Proximal”、no“Straight”,It can be seen that it is not the back of Tiemu.。
In the new version,Directly into a grandson,It’s really completely complete and iron wood.,Just Tiemu is really looking away by yourself.“Brother”Part of the part,Give him the rear of the nobles.。
No matter which version,Huo“Prince”identity,In fact, it is far better than“Golden disciple”Identity is important。
“National Division?The King of Jinhe is already a national teacher.?”Chu Deirers have never thought。
“good,Heroes have just come to Yunyuan?Kublai King has been sealed,The prince of Huo Expedition is the second disciple of the national teacher.……”
Chu Deirers see him to emphasize the status of Huo,Impatient break:“Kublai is already able to replace the national teacher.?”
“This……Kublai King is the king of the Central Plains,Naturally seated the national teacher,And Montgomery sweat is also very respectful……”The Han people are slightly dissatisfied,Maybe it’s a Chu Deirers。