Just at this time,Qianlong’s words seem to attack the bottom line of Zhou Yewu。

Why do you have a vampire??
Is the doctor’s relationship is like this??
Doctor dedication to the disease,In exchange, this is not understanding?
It’s really eating your family.。
Thinking of doctors is also a person who enjoys a career,As a result, it was a butcher’s hand in front of the patient.
Zhou Niwu has some can’t stand it.。
He is angry,Directly:“So we received any money.?Third, he emphasizes that you are clear newGPositive patient,The state will reimburse most,Almost free medication!”
“And if you don’t have blood training,Then sign the refusal,Consequences!”
“As for you to evaluate our medical staff is a vampire,I think you are already insulted and challenge the entire medical industry.,Deep or even all volunteers who laughed from Wuhan,I will report the public security system,You don’t accept treatment,Then go to the prison hospital.。”
Zhou Ye went to kill,The whole person has been irritated by Qianlong’s attitude。
Everyone has the bottom line。
And Zhou Niwu’s bottom line is the whole identity of the doctor.,The bottom line is also the love of the medical industry.,Respect for all medical staff。
It can face this unscrupulous“Crank”,True2It is the lungs to blow it.!
After the money,See Ye Ye,It is also a moment.。
Especially the last prison hospital。
He heard people panic.
“I have blood training,I have blood training!I apologize!”
NS293chapter Good day
Zhou Niwu slowly entered the ward of the Qianlong。
He suddenly didn’t know how to open it.。
Scorpion,What should I say?。
Thinking of this Li Xiaolan is just crying by Qianlong.,I know that he must still be on the air now.,Temper is definitely very poor!
“It seems that it is a bad battle.”Zhou Ye, my wrist sigh,The whole face is a little frustrated。
Chen Riyuan gave him a breath:“Do not worry,Is this not there??And handle medical relations such thing, you have to adapt,It’s going to face it later.,Communication with the patient must be retired。”
Zhou Niwu has some unbelieve this exchange of advancement, and it means.。
He thought that Sun Jun did not look back and retreat.,Instead, they are all murderer.,Directly deteriorate the patient。
“Can you learn from our head,Medical is not a service industry,But also try to make patient satisfaction。”Chen Riyuan。
At this time, Zhou Yucu is also riveting.,His three seven twenty one,Do one。