“Five toxicism!”

Pulling face, gloomy, water,The stunned 戾 is filled with his body。
“Good five poisonous teaching,Actually killing people on our site,Damn,Really damn!”French face, gloomy, water,Scary murder emerges from his body。
“Since they come back from Zhongzhou,The agreement on the body should be ruined,Uncle,You go to the Central State City to sign a protocol,The incense money continues to increase the price30Element of each。”Deprecate:“I want to go to myself.。”
NS201chapter Golden Dragon Breakthrough
“You can rest assured,I naturally increase price,However, Southeast Asia is a five poisonous site,You can’t go,It is too dangerous there.,You are a living Buddha,Appetitious。”Fault heard the words。
“Amitabha,I don’t enter hell who is in hell.,This thing is related to our big day, Buddha’s glory,I don’t even have this thing.,How can you take a big place in the future?,Leader group。”Pulling your hands。
French nodded。
Other live Buddhas look at this thing?,This area is also an area responsible for prevention,If you do this, you don’t let other teaching kings satisfied.,I am afraid that it is difficult to take a living Buddha in the future.。
You must know that the internal competition of the Yellow Team is as fierce.。
Immediately prepared and ruled the two people to sweep the scene,The commander took the three bodies away.,Then both leave。
afternoon,The Yangtze River has passed the region of Southwest China,Named black tiger forest,The original forest is densely,Human tragic is rare,Yangtze Riverbank,A golden big tack is jumping from the water,Then, a few movements jumped from its body to the shore.。
It is Lin Feng,Zombie,Dongxing,Big fly,Xu Wenqiang a few people。
“Give me the law,I am going to break through!”Golden big python shakes the tail,I knocked out a few big characters on the shore。
“it is good,Dan medicine is not enough here!”Lin Feng took a Buddhist Guardian。
“Take!”The golden big python is directly waving with the tail.。
Lin Feng heard the character,A Buddha is also over the past,Golden big snake direct open mouth,I suddenly swallowed down.,At the same time, it came to the sound of the sound.,Fierce,Basper bottle slag fly out,Then, the Buddha’s Buddha is also swallowed.。
Two Buddha gates were broken by Dan Dan,The power of terror enters the body of the golden big tack。
A snack like a dragon。
The golden big snake rose a stunned breath,This shocked breath makes the animals and beasts among the mountains and the beasts have escaped.。
The golden airflow of the golden big python is intertwined together,Like gold lightning,The surrounding heaven and earth aura crazy into its body,Its breath is constantly climbing,After climbing to a peak, it fell.。
Then Impact again,One more powerful。
“A horrible breath,I really can’t think of it is also a half-step martial art.,But there is the power of killing the martial arts。”Big flyrage。
“Jinlong brother is the beast。”Dongxing laughs:“May not。”
“Yes,May not,However, this son, our Qinglong Chamber of Commerce has a master.。”Xu Wenqiang laughs:“Big Brother also breaks through the martial art soon.。”
“Difficult,Although I am now a half-step area realm,But then the last point is difficult to break through。”Lin Feng carrys the double hand:“This is a hurdle,I feel that our chambers cannot close the door.,Everyone exchanges under the practice,This is faster,At the same time, vigorously purchase the seven-star cultural Dantan。”
“good,If we are further further,I will go directly to the blood clothing.,Talk with those bronze levels,Exempt from those money。”Big flight。
“This is a short-term plan,The latest three years。”Lin Feng Road:“work together!”
“it is good!”Xu Wenqiang,Big fly,Dongxing three people nodded。
“Come,We exchange experience under the practice。”Lin Feng is sitting on the ground:“Don’t be private,Talk about your understanding of the real gas。”
“Ha ha,We will not be private in front of Big Brother.。”Dongxing haha smiled,Sitting around Lin Feng。
“necessary。”Xu Wenqiang Road。
“Have a good exchange,That is too slow to put the door to the car。”Datuan also nodded on the ground。
Four people tristed to talk about the understanding of the true gas,Awareness of the martial art,There are also their own practice.,Four people have benefited a lot。
Time gradually,Four people immersed。