Lightning,Thunder,Seven figure is like a lightning, rushing over,Clean land is around the snake,These seven people are naturally Lin Feng and others.。
“This this?”蛟 蛟 飞 and 脸,The two are scared to endure,Because he feels a terrible breath from the other side.。
Every breath is not lower than them,I have to exceed them。
And one of them is more shocked.,They have this feeling when they face their father.,Very terrible,Very horror。
“Six half-step!”
“A true magical power!”
Xianghua Dragon and the squid of the two men’s scalp,The two people have a bit shaking。
“蛟 蛟,Flying,Who is the son??”Lin Feng carrying his hands and laughing。
“You are gambling god, Feng Feng,How did you put my son??”蛟 蛟 龙 阴 阴 阴 道。
“He is very great,Treatment of fertilizer moisturizing,Greening environment,Sacrifice oneself,This kind of spirit。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“The same day is the same,Very can’t afford,Be good at sacrifice self,Full a big natural!”
Tell this,蛟 化 龙 and 蛟 飞 人 色。
“Lin Feng,you wanna die!”The body of the dragon can’t help but take a step,And suddenly snoring。
“Give me a mouth!”Lin Feng cold road。
The figure of the black windbreaker is going out,His big hand,I went out,Pumping with terrible power to the face of 龙。
蛟 蛟 龙 天 天 吼,He wants to avoid,Powerful martial arts in the same moment,Safe sweep to black zombie this slap。
A loud noise,His martial art is directly exploded,The true heart of the black zombie is smoked to the dragon.,The sound of skeletal fragmentation is coming to the dragon。
A loud noise,The body of the dragon is hit in a big tree.,This big tree is broken between,Then, the body of the dragon fell on the ground.,Blush。
The face is full of face,His figure is like lightning, so rushed to the mountain,Prepare to escape,He knows that he can stay here can’t save people.。
It’s just that his figure has not run a few steps.,A thrilling breath intercepted,Then a golden stick is smallering to his head。
“Martial art!”
蛟 蛟 升 狂 吼,He broke out his own martial art,There is Shenlong vain among his martial arts.,It seems that there is a voice of the dragon,His martial art is extremely horrible。
A loud noise is in his martial art,His martial art collapsed directly,Then, a giant bombardment is on his body.,蛟 飞 升 directly after the festival,A hint of blood overflows。
“Bombardment!”A violent evacuation sound。
Cheng Tianlong,Night lonely,Li Wei,Heavenly President,Mu Jun Wang five masters jointly,Everyone rims to the innocent flood floods to the flying。
This torrent is terrible,Let the 蛟 飞升 is full of despair!
“Do not!”蛟 飞 飞 天 天 天,He once again crazy out of the martial art。
But his martial art is not able to resist。
“boom!”A loud noise,His martial art is thrown,And his whole person was slammed out.,Then fall on the ground,Bone break,Blood flowing。