How to run here here?”

Blue Xin also looked at her,Originally, I went to see the little auspicious.,But the two of their husbands have recently been very busy for movies.。
Le Yu and An Mother,Ning Feifei is sitting behind the blue。
“I am coming to discourage things that I can negotiate.,Although her is a website,I have to come over here to confirm it.,Talking with them,I feel that they have a little tough attitude.,Some of the price。”
Some surprised,She is doing a month.,Nothing to contact editor。
“妍 妍,I will talk with the editor.。”
Le Yu smiles,Look at her is good,“fine,I came here today, I chat with you.,The company has specially sent people to talk about it.,I also want to see you.?
You are sitting now,How can this thing make you worry??
Her price is slightly higher,We are also eaten here.,you do not need to worry。”
“Don’t forget,Your cooperation object can be a group,The group’s boss is in front of you.,Just a little, they are also making money.。”
Blue Xin:“”Helpless smile,Those who she don’t care。
“hehe”An Ke smiles very happy:“Blue,Then I am here, thank you first.!”
Blue Xin laughs:“You still thank you.,Those things I have never been,Hey, Actu has been worried。”
“thank you all,Because I have you,I can be so happy.,I can wait for the Amin so strong.。”
It’s a month to pass again.,Said that the Aming that you want to wake up has never been moving.。
She is actually very confused.。
She wants someone to talk to her.,Make yourself peace of mind,Let your mother rest assured。
Le Yu is happy to have a happy face,Heartbreaking,One month has to pass,Last time she also listened to the Actuary, Su Shengming woke up this month.,Nor。
A expectation,A disappointment,More torture。
An Yi’s daughter has not gone,An Ke hopes that Su Shengming woke up and gave her daughter together with her.。
Blue Xin listened to my heart,I didn’t say anything.,Who is clear about things in the world??
Maybe it is really expected.。
Three people accompany more than three hours,Let Amber more rest,Ning Feifei wants to return to the child to feed,Blue Xin first sent Ning Fifi to go back,Le Yu has returned to the company again。
No traffic on the road,Ning Feifei will also take care of children at night,I didn’t have long time to get on the bus.。
Blue Xin didn’t wake her up.,Let her continue to sleep,She takes a child,There is no sleepy and stable one night.,The next day, I still have to work.。
But after a while,Ning Feifei just slept for a while,The phone rang.,Ning Feifei still woke up。
She handed the phone from the bag.,Maybe because it is still very sleepy,Nothing seems to display electricity display,Into the phone directly,“Ning Feifei,A 尧 is here,Not as good as you come and see.,What are we doing now?。”
I hang up the other party.,No chance to talk to Ning Feifei。
Although I haven’t seen some times a few times,But she is still a sound that is recognized.。
She didn’t have sleepiness in an instant.,Take the mobile phone in Europe。
“Hello,You call the phone is shut down.。”
Official sweet voice,Ning Feifei stunned,Actually shut down。
“what happened,Fifi?”