As for why blue dye is doing this,Pudao Help Guess is probably after the battle of the two,Blue dye judges the night’s threatening,So intend to use“Confirm”Give it out of night。

After all, for the death of the god,Causes is almost the presence of gratitude,Be“Broken world”No seven days of appearance“Cleavage”,Death is unable to use in front of him,In addition to running almost no other way。
It’s better to say that night can so fast.,And it’s safe and sound,Already quite powerful,To know the time flow rate of the broken world,It’s different from outside.。
“You probably miss a few months,During the period, didn’t you happen?,Blue dyeing seems to be a timely development in the virtual ring。
But recently,But there are some unique virtual,They seem to be called『Break away』!”
“Blue dyeing to the progress of collapse,Some imagination of my imagination,Actually it is already able to make the dead and god of death to this extent.。
And according to the information obtained,These broken strength,It is also highly low,Depending on the rating of the virtuality。”
Pudao helps information about breaking to night,The expression is also getting more and more dignified。
The strength of the virtual itself is not better than the death,Yakkas level,Already able to confront with the captain。
Towell’s big virtual,I can even defeat ordinary captain levels。Of course,Towell Level,Even in the entire virtual ring,Also the number of flexible numbers。
The number of the captain of the thirteen team of the court,It is just that it is able to fight against the virtual circle.,But now blue is dyed to a rebellion,The captain directly with one quarter。
And now blue staining“Collapse”,Reconstructed the ethics of the virtual ring,The success of success is completed.“Godification”。
And the ethics of death,More than just the strength,Can you still have the same,Liberation。
Although it is obedient to refer to it“Blade”,But the truth is actually the same.。
Deathfulness of death,Not only with the death of the dead, there are various capabilities,They also have“Big virtual”It is a unique advantage that itself,The strength is obviously not a little bit。
Big virtual message、Also have“regeneration”and“Steel skin”,Contrast,Death is just a fragile spirit,Indeed。
“And it is troublesome,There is a fairly tricky guy in the break.,Two claims『Ten blade』Guy,Suddenly appeared in the world。
The strength of the other party is quite strong,At least I think the current captain,People who can win the two guys,Just only have several people。”
Time“Ten blade”Tooth dense with Urich Orapo came to the world,On the night, there is a boot of Pudao to help with the other party.,And exchange information。
Although both parties but have no real strength,But these two“Ten blade”Exhibit strength,Already let Poolon help them feel quite tricky。
Although I have『Fans』War,But do not exclude“Ten blade”,Blue dyeing and other collaboration。
When there is an exhibition,Have been a strong war of the powerful war,I suddenly lost contact,This is undoubtedly a double blow。
“But what do you have to say?,That is not,I heard a interesting thing during the period.。
The captain of the Hui Zhi, I heard that you lost contact.,I think you were persecuted by blue dye.,A person rushed to the virtual ring。”
Night, a leg,Face of the taste watching the expression of the night,When I saw the night, I changed my face change.,Suddenly said:“certainly,The final squadron is cut after cutting dozens of broken faces.,I didn’t find your trace in the virtual ring.,Finally, I can only return helplessness.。
And it is said that the captain of the Hui’s Flower has not found the trace of blue dyeing in a virtual ring.,Probably not ready to keep a battle with the net spirit,Therefore, the blue dye does not appear in front of the flower captain of Huizhi.。”
Chapter 566 Night It’s so good to be big.
“But now you are coming back.,The flower captain of should not go to the virtue.。”
After the night is finished,I still don’t forget to blink in the night.,Is it necessary to contact the soul of the night?。
But the night is a little 点,There is nothing to hear the flowers.,At the same time, at the same time,I am worried about how to explain with the flower.。
Probably a reprimand is less,Do not,Trummed is nothing,Night is a little fear, the flowers don’t say anything.,I have always stared at myself with a smile.……
“If you want to contact the corpse,I don’t have to go back.,Because you suddenly lose the reason,The body of the corpse also sent a team to come over.。
The purpose is natural to investigate the news you suddenly miss.,Because the header tested your strength,So this time to come to the world,The strength is at least the grade of the team.。”
Say goodbye to Po Hua Hui to help with the four maple garden night,Night, I’m going to my own home.。
According to Po Hua Hao,This team came to the world,A total of five people,The captain of the Tentunches Day Valley Winter Lang Lang,Vice captain、The three seats of the eleven teams and the five-seat score and the Sichuan Bow。
Finally, there are the deputy captain of the six teams.—Audi,In terms of strength,This time, the lineup of the world is already quite luxurious.。
Today’s Trie Team,It’s still injured,Rebellious rebellion,蹲 狱 的 的 狱,There is not much to get the battle.。
Although I’m just three seats, I’m just three seats.,But the strength is absolutely weak,Even most of the deputy captains。
In order to investigate the disappearance of the night,Net Ling Ting can send this configuration team,Already an limit。