Look at this email,Xia Jian couldn’t calm down for a long time,Everything in the past,All overwhelmed in her heart,Like a movie。

suddenly,With a slight knock on the door,Wang Lin walked in as soon as the door opened。She smiled slightly:“Come so early?What’s worrying about?”
Wang Lin turned around while talking,Shut the office door easily。
Xia Jian wakes up like a dream,He stood up abruptly。He smiled awkwardly and said:“What can I worry about with you,I came here just to be alone with you”
“cough!Don’t you just go home for a year??You are really particular sometimes。Better go back soon!Don’t be too hurry on the road”
Wang Lin said,Smile。
Xia Jian bent down to turn off the computer,Then came over from behind the desk。He glanced at Wang Lin and smiled:“Have you ordered your machine label??Can’t be fun in the past,Come early。The day when work starts on the eighth day of the first lunar month must not be delayed”
“Don’t worry about this,We came back on the fourth grade,Then goSHMy aunt’s house for a few days。This time for work will never be delayed”
Wang Lin just finished speaking,I heard someone knock on the door。Then the door opened,Lin Wei and Xi Zhen,Dragon Ball and Jin Yimei followed、Black plum,Even Zhang Le and Wang Xin are here。
Everyone may know that Xia Jian is going back to his hometown,So come here individually。Jin Yimei among these people,Regardless of age,Or seniority is considered the oldest,So when there are many people,The person who has the most say is Jin Yimei。
“Heiwa!You take Lin Wei Kaixia’s car and go out。Lin Wei went to the supermarket to buy some essential supplies for President Xia,Heiwa takes care of the car,I mean you should understand!”
Jin Yimei is really good,Deliberate consideration,She was convinced when she spoke。
Heiwa nodded and said:“I’ll go with Lin Wei right away”
Xia Jian smiled and said:“There is no need,The maintenance of this car has only been done soon。And some things in Bucheon,Basically, we have,No need to buy”
“This is wrong!You are the general manager of Hongjian Group,What’s wrong with doing more maintenance on the car?This is responsible for your safety。In addition,The same thing,Brought back from Bucheon,Which meaning is different。Don’t be mad,I must listen to this matter”
Jin Yimei said and waved her hand,Heiwa and Lin Wei turned and left immediately。
A bunch of people chatted for a while in Xia Jian’s office,So I went to work separately。If the big office only left Wang Lin and Jin Yimei in the end。