“This is your design.!who are you?”Xiao Lin Jian suddenly felt that this strange young man is very unspoken.,

Qi Rui replied in Japanese:“My name is Qi Rui,I have also also have a Japanese name called Long Tiri,Also tell you an unfortunate message,Our Eighth Route Army is indeed preferential prisoners.,But it is not your spy,So you can die.!”
Xiao Lin Jian listened to the rumbled words.,Does the killing are not a military agent?,How to get Yan’an to catch yourself!
“How can you be you?!How can you kill the god??”Xiao Lin Jian also answers Japanese,
“Is it very strange??”Rui Rui replies the original appearance, continue to ask Japanese:“Can this be eye-catching??”
“stupid,Long pool!Your bastard,Why do you have to work with the big Japanese empire?!You will be eliminated by the big Japanese Emperor.!”
“Stop dreaming!The big Japanese Empire in your mouth will eventually defeat,You are fortunate to see that day.!”
Rui Rui talks with him, I want to hear him say Japanese.,Some pronunciation and Chinese in Japanese are different.,Helui has to be so meticulous,Because he will become a small forest construction here.。
“stupid!I am fighting with you.!”Xiao Lin Jian struggled with his head to hit,But it was rushed to unsatched the neck on the spot.。
The head of the third is coming in,Ask:“Do you really want to implement a plan??”
“Correct,I am going to become a small Lin Jian.。”Ritual,
“This is your backpack。”The third year of the 3rd makes the police guards to take the Rui’s backpack.,
Rui Rui took out the same time when it was not a good time.,Tan Lin’s previous drug is toxic,What he will become like him, don’t know。
Rui Rui yourself is also a poison,The medicine is more than Tan Lin.,He knows that this medicine will have a reaction.,But I didn’t expect such pain.。
Body bones such as the herd painful pain,The painful is almost dull,But he is to force the mirror to help our skeletal appearance,For a whole one and a half,Rui Rui wearing cotton coats are wet by sweat,Finally stopped。
The head of the third is distressed,But what is he busy?。
Rui sharply trembled, will come over,I weak question three:“Head……looks like?”
“Ritual!picture,Simply exactly the same!I didn’t expect this world and there is such a hazy medicine.!If it is not a close one,I thought it was just myth.。”The head of the third is said,
“This is the use of toxic medicine to make your own skeleton,Then adjust according to the other skeleton,This world may only be able to do it.。”Rui Rui said that it is not fake,Because I have to do this, I need to simulate the portrait of the teacher.。
Careful observation,Rui Rui fully understands the bones of Xiaolin Construction,Only the bones are likely to be really easy to accommodate this person.,It’s not a lotian at this moment.,But the top of the top, easy-to-accusation in makeup surgery。
“Ritual!Can you change it back??”The head of the third number can not want to be like this.,
“Reassurance,I can change it back.,I will not suffer again when I will,But all this is worth,I have to go to Xiaolin Construction.,Head!Waiting for me, good news.!”
Just now, Xiao Lin Jian is also to see what is wearing the outside of him.,Cooperate, don’t want to show a slice,Because he is going to face, he has worked with Xiaolin to work together for more than three years.。
“Qi Rui!This is what you want.,I sent someone to help you sort out.,After we receive the signal,It will immediately transfer the troops to do a good job of ambush,This time we have to completely smash the Japanese sweeping operation plan,Qi Rui,At that time you must be safe back.!”
“it is good!Head,goodbye!”
Rui Rui holds the head of Taihang Mountain according to all Eighth Road Army stationed,Soldier deployment and other intelligence to the grocery store,He has not seen Itao Mao,So just brother directly over the wall into the backyard。
Itao Mao heard the movement and took the gun.,It is that Xiao Lin Jianyi asks a Japanese.:“Small forest!How come you come back??”
“Throw away?”Rui Rui used Xiao Lin to build a voice answer,
“Not you let him send a relationship??”
“That intelligence is not complete,I have now got detailed troops deployment and stationary location.,You immediately report it now,That is, I will personally send the information back.。”
“Small forest,What should I do if you have the latent task on the Eight Road??”