Looking at him, she is her only time.,His happiness look,Let her feel happiness in the screen.。

Lu Haocheng looked at her gentle smile laugh,Half-eyed,“Blue,I have long, I want to tell the world.,You are my wife.。”
Blue Xin thought about it,Say:“I thought that Xia teacher will call me.,But I didn’t pick up her call now.。”
Lu Haozheng smile,“fool,Xia teacher is a person in the entertainment industry,Some news is false or true,They look at it and know that true fake,Today’s things are obviously someone deliberately,Just want to destroy you,Because you are really too hot recently.。”
Xia Chi teacher private custom,Make her well-known improvement。
NS812chapter:Don’t have deep meaning
“Um!Since things solved,Then I will go out.。”
Blue Xin got up,Now there is no one to marry her child.。
Lu Haocheng looked at her so anxious,Herd her urgently,“Blue,Don’t go,Say with me。”
His gas is fascinating and dismissed。
Blue Xin looked at him smile laughing:“Are you spoiled with me??”
Such a,Really cute。
Lu Haocheng nodded:“Blue,I am just spoiling at you.。”
“hehe”Blue Xin can’t help but laugh,“look at you,Just like a child,I am now not going.,Overtime at night,Are you alone? Are you still willing??”
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Leave her hand quickly。
“Blue,We have to go to get off work together。”
Blue Xin smiles:“It seems that I am so charming every day.。
”Lu Haocheng is laughing,Want to look at her,Tone is extremely confused,“Blue,Your one move,It’s all like this.,Every body is perfect。”
Blue Xinyi,Smile,Recently, his sweet words are also upgraded.。
“Lu Hao Cheng,The same to you,When do I see you, I feel very handsome.,It’s a beautiful beauty,You can make me lick for a lifetime.。”
Blue Xin finished,Laughing to leave。
Lu Haocheng looked at her back,Praised to touch your chin。
“Right,His beautiful value is true。”
He speaks for self-speaking。
Just got up and want to go back to the desk,I saw Oujing, I came in.。
He smiled and asked:“How is it??”
Ou Jing, seeing his mood is good,Can’t help but he a few words,“After declaring to the world,Is it happy??”
Lu Haocheng pointed to a recognition:“That is,Blue is my wife,Xiao Jun, their brother, three people are my son and daughter.,How proud this is,I am very happy.。”
European:“”It is also no wonder,He will think so。
After all, Lan Xin is in his life.,Take all the time。
Lu Haozheng is sitting on the office chair,Look up at him,Unconcerned:“Who is dry?”
Ou Jingli lowered:“A small media,The person of the Ministry of Levity has passed。”
Lu Haozheng:“These small media don’t dare to report my things.,It seems that there is someone finishes,Check out?”
Ou Jingzhen shook his head,Well, clearly,“Not yet,The person in the Legal Department passed,Can’t stand up,Nature will recognize。”
Lu Haozheng nodded,Tone:“This time,And Lu Haokai can’t take a dry department,Or check the ginger and quiet,This woman has been restless,I have been looking for a chance to deal with blue blue。”
Lu Haozheng is not ill,,Burning brilliant。