“If you die,Then I will”

Lin light snow bites his lips,Seeter,Her face is full of unhappy。
Don’t say anything else and temporarily,but now,Lin Xiaoxue is even more, the more I feel very unhappy.。
It’s going to say something when I’m thinking about it.,Her face,A sound suddenly sounded。
“How is you??”
This sound,sound,very familiar。
Looking at the eyes,People stand in front of Lin Gongxiao is not someone else,It is the Shenxuan, which is over.。
“Shen Xuan,How are you”
Lin light snow looks Shen Xuan,Reach your finger,Zhang Zhangzhu,What do you want to say?。
But this time,Lin light snow,sudden,She doesn’t know what she should say something is good.。
And Shen Xuan,It is very calm:“Why is I nothing?,And it will be intact to stand here.?”
Shen Xuan said,Lin Gongxiao’s small head,Just like the chicks, I nodded.。
Lin Wei Xue is on the words of Shen Xuan,The next consciousness。
And with the words of Lin Xiaoxue,For Shen Xuan,Shen Xuan is more and more fun。
“actually,I am not saying?,I will be fine.,You still don’t believe?”
“Zhao’s person,I have already gone to me.。”
Shen Xuan’s words,Let Lin Xia Xue feel some unexpected。
“What did you say,Zhao’s person surrendered,How can this be?”
To know,Zhao’s family is the forces of the third echelon in Suhang City。
Although I said before,Has been hit by Shen Xuan。
But the sparrow is small,Slee-dead camel is big。
So in this case,How can it be too weak??
Think here,Lin Wei Xue is aware of Shen Xuan,Also reached a new height。
“correct,Na Lin Zhonghu?”
Lin light snow looks Shen Xuan,Some curious asked。
With the words of Lin Xiaoxue,Shen Xuan put his hand。
“Lin Zhonghu did not come。”
Moreover,Just now,How can Lin Zhonghu come??
If Lin Zhonghu is really coming,So for Shen Xuan,In fact, it is not a bad thing.。
Just like this time,Give Lin Zhonghu to give it again。
And this time,Lin Ganthen sighed:“Ugh,It’s a pity.。”
“but,What should we do next??”
Lin Xiaoxue is just a feeling,I can’t get my own bonus.。
Shen Xuan, I don’t know what Lin is light and snow.。
But in Shen Xuan looks,This forest is,Still caught better。
if not,Put the tiger,After the end。