Chapter 598 Life is not easy

Nan Ge hit yawn from the bedroom,She is wearing sleeping shorts,Pressed a little fold,There is a pair of big white legs,A pair of white tender crystal inflorescence steps,Wear a soft and slim white body,A red rope on the wrist,Youth is full of breath。
Out of the love of Niji last night,She uses a hand to sleep with a pillow,The other hand continues to alloculate the small antenna of the top,Torp and see the living room。
Zhou Zhizheng said:“The group of people remember confidential.,Can you tell others about this?!”
Group is standing on a coffee table,Two mangosteen, small feet have been stepped on the most edge of the glass,She is smashed,I can’t blink around——
Light and crisp,Doubty with a child,Can ask a lot of problems。
“Because Nan Ge does not want others to know。”
“Why don’t you want someone to know??”
“Because people can’t suddenly become a teacher,If someone knows that Nan Ge suddenly turned into a teacher,Maybe you will annoying us。”
“Oh……Then why is Blogge can suddenly become a teacher??”
“Because Nan Ge is very powerful!”
This interpretation group is very easy to accept。
“Know how!”
Nan Ge stands in the door of the bedroom.,Horn hook a smile。
It turned out that Zhou Zhiyuan and the group dialogue were like this.,It’s really no difference with her imagination.。
A little thoughts,She suddenly came out:
“What is she saying?”
“she says,Nan Ge is not……”
Zhou Zhou’s awareness,But only one answer,Suddenly realized。
Look up,The nanong’s face hangs uncomfortable laugh。
at the same time,A pillow flew over him。
The first national coach is not flexible,The pillow is precise and in the week.,The contact point is exactly the side of Nan Ge last night.,Also left,With her fragrance,The clear and faint taste except that、I have to take a deep breath.,And most girls used shampoo and sweet taste。
“Zhou Mud, you are beaten!!”
Zhou Zhiji, this seems to be a very happy slag cat,Happy eyes bright。
Nan Ge reached out of him:“Pull your pillow,Wait the next。”
“We have to beaten, you will wait.!”
Nan Ge is going to the bathroom to wash it.。
About ten minutes,She took a wet light of the face.,The forehead and the chance of the ear is close to,It is also wet,And the first thing she came out is to hug the small slag cat in the bathroom door.,Throw directly to the sofa。
“Change a little kitten to Laozi!”
A little kitten appeared in the air,Quiet end,A pair of big eyes that don’t belong to human beings look at her,It seems like a star shiny in the eyes。