“good,Nether umbrella,It is indeed one of the monks of the four continental four octaves.。”Hitra and the Lord have looked at the Sakayao Luo Sakura.。

“Oh,You also know the umbrella of Nether?”Sichuan Luo Yaki is a smile:“But you can know what the power of the umbrella of Nether is stimulated.?”
“Real gas!”Golden wheel back,Emperor and others have been。
Sichuan Luo Yaki is laughing and laughing:“I am a blood of the king,So I can use the umbrella of Nether,Take advantage of,I am a big injury.,second,I don’t want too much, the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,Our island is not like,Originally, a country where a volcline occurred.,If it is the Dragon Chamber of Commerce, the elderly forecast a few times,Island Country Directly。”
“Humph,Can’t。”Golden wheel back:“Unexpected,Take these people,What do they still have??volcanic eruptions?Capable thing!”
“good,These people are like the thorn in the throat.,It can be unfair to remove。”The end of the emperor suddenly snorted:“These people were removed,What volcano broke out,Will stop!”
“Sichuan Luo Sakurald,We hope that you will consider。”Jeutan,Toron,John Dragon and others have looked at the Sakae Road, Sichuan.。
“Oh,If there is this opportunity,I don’t mind。”Sichuan Luo Yakai is looking at the people of everyone smiles:“But the umbrella of Nether is not inspired every time.,Allocate,move。”
Golden wheel back,The end of the emperor, etc.。
“Allocate,Stay in the big city in China,Disappoint。”At this time, the master of the Eagle Empire Royal Royal Suddenly:“Especially Qiantang Province,Huayang Province,Southwest provinces and other provinces!”
“it is good!”Jeutan,Toron,Hitra et al. I heard that,When they are arranged,The main force is directly pocked to the Pacific Ocean.。
Eastern Island,Midway in the Pacific Ocean。
Sun Litian,Tiyin Yao,Tiger King,Night cold figure floats in void,Among them, Sun Litian took a mobile phone.,He loose a mouthful of airway:“Be here soon。”
“This emperor is strong to kill!”The Tiger King has drawn a few words:“They are afraid not willing to be willing,Only strong killing,They are afraid!”
“This is the case。”Sun Li Tian Jingjing:“Fortunately, many layouts have been placed overseas.,This can be used at the critical moment.。”
Golden Dragon and Ye Tiantong have an angry to arrange so many explosives,Unfill the secret base of overseas。
When I started, the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce was only arranged in the island.,Incident,Hao Hao Empire Three Kingdoms。
Later, as Sun Li Tian’s joined,Sun Litia is directly combined with the golden rush to establish some bases in the Western underground and North American underground.,Base is hidden in the earth,Hidden。
Once arranged,Go directly there,You can take these in the city’s underground.。
Lin Feng did not support this plan,After all, this plan has hurt and,However, all members of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce unanimously support this plan.,After all, I really came to war.,Mindy words,Can only be destroyed。
It can be said,Only the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce in the world has this ability to implement this plan.!
“Still a big old wrist。”Night cold looks at Sun Li Tiandao。
“Not a long time,They will soon look for。”Sun Li Tianwangwang is far from the distant void:“From the new layout,needs time,The most dangerous in this time period,what,They came。”
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“Still old white running fast。”The Tiger King suddenly exposed Baisen’s tooth road:“You protect you yourself.,I persist in the time.,Old grandchildren,Remember to take me back。”
Sun http://www.fanqir.cn Litian,Tiyin Yao,Night Qing three people heard a word,But I can’t think of the tiger king.。
“Tiger King,You use ban!”Night cleaning。
“Ban!”Sun Li Tianhe Tang Yin Yao two people heard the color。
“Hey-hey,good,My ban can be forcibly condensed,Consumption of huge strength and arrogance,But the time you need to take a few months.,Can recover。”Tiger King draws a few words:“Do not worry,I and the two goods of the golden dragon.。”
“In fact, let’s take a step.,I negotiated with them.。”Tang Yin Yao Yingmei Wrinkled:“Tiger king does not have to be。”
“good,Tiger King。”Sun Li Tian Wen Yan also frowned。
“Tiger King,You can’t use ban!”Night clear silver teeth slightly bite:“I am afraid that I am so simple to take a few months.。”
“In fact, when you tell these words, it is not enough.,negotiation?Although we are jealous http://www.yjhsuji.cn now,But as the old grandson said,If they exclude our explosives??Or they will come immediately,Direct Thunder to take us,Can relieve the explosive crisis。”Tiger King draws a few words:“I also practice big days,Do not worry,I own myself,I won’t do anything.。”
“Ok!”Tiyin Yao said that he looks at the Tiger King Road.:“be careful!”
“carefully,Tiger!”Sun Li Tianyu’s heart:“Night taking care of Xiao Tang,I also shot!”
“Old grandchildren,You have no chance。”Tiger King draws a few words。
Just when they talk,One appears in front of them,This person is fluttering,It is white and dead,White is dead, just falling,A terrible breath came in the void。