Ms. Ji Li immediately looked up。

After seeing,Her face blooms a smile。
Ms. Ji’s body is tall,High value is also high,And not as being disabled as old as,She is well maintained。
Years not only don’t submit her face,Reversely precipitated her Fenghua。And her temperament is actually a little cold and bright.,Jiang Yi is actually a beautiful woman.,But Jiang Yi only looks softly.。
Ms. Ji will give people a feeling of no a sense of life.。
It is said that she is not like this before.。
But how do you have no more people?,It also melting clean in front of Zhou,She smiles,Stick to Zhou。
Even if you look at it。
“This side……”
Ms. Ji did not get on the bus,Instead, I ran away from the entrance to the gallery.,It seems that she has been excited to have a bit messy.——With this community, she may have to run ten minutes to take the parking space.。
It is a turn-free parking to her.:“Come up。”
Ms. Ji Pulling the door,Zhouzhi will take the group lying on the coiled seat.,Put on your own legs。
The group opened his eyes and saw him.,Touching and watching the window,A paw is licking your eyes:“Well,Have you already got to your mother??The group of people,Just a car……”
“You raise?”Ms. Ji Qi。
“How long has been raised??”
“Six months。”
“Pet good pet。”Ms. Ji nodd,“It’s okay when it’s okay.。”
“Is this only your mother??It seems that there is no difference between Jiang Yi.~~”The group has turned his head to see the woman,Then she tried to correct her statement.,“The group is not a pet,A group of people。”
“So cute!”Ms. Ji said。
“Her call is a group。”Zhou started the car,“Because she feels that she is a big tiger,I usually call her group.。”
“The group is not an brain ax,A big monster!”
“Little guy, how good。”
“Hello mom~~”
“It responded to me!”Ms. Ji smiled,Some of the eyes of the eye,“Go forward。”
“How to isolate life?”Zhou。
“not bad,A hotel is a hotel。”Ms. Ji said,“Every day, eat is good,Good to eat over there。Our company has recently been unhappy from the new creative of domestic new tricks.。”
“It is a bit boring,This side turn left。”
Ms. Ji started to kill the small car,A smile:“This is the car that you bought with the girl.?”
“how do you know?”
“You have a cousin。”
“Of course……”
“Is there anything wrong?”
“No,Is it not often called her?。I feel a bit new。”Zhou Sheng honest answer。
“Then how do you usually call her??Don’t say,Let me guess。”Ms. Ji people think about the front.,“Will not take her called a small cage??”
“Small cage?”
“It seems that it is wrong.……”
“No。”Zhouzhi is slightly surprised,But do not show,“We generally manage her name。”
“Human thinking model is really similar。”