Although he is still cold in the cold。

Night is already very deep,The fourth child of Yu Wentai,Still reading Zuo Spring and Autumn in the study,He repeatedly read the first article of Zuo Chuan to Zhengbu section.,Note from time to http://www.bfe time,Another time from time to time。
Zhengzhuang public hand grip,Naturally, you can play with your eccentric mother and the youngest brother.“Want to die”game。
But now Yu Wenguide is holding,Yu Wentai,Power is overhead,Even Zhao Gui,Yesterday was caught by Yu Wenji.。
This self-cultivation,How far is he going far?,How do he want to go??
Yu Wenzhao is in a deep concern。
It is said that Yu Wencao has already established Yusu,So will the solo family become a foreign??Yu Wengua can tolerance or lonely letter??
Alone…Will it be the second Zhao Gui??
Yu Wenzhao got up in the study,Hand back,Work hard thinking。
A long time later,He is sitting on the wooden floor,I feel that the whole body is touched。
“I can’t do anything.,My waste。”
Yu Wenxiang looks up at the sky,Suddenly I found a black shadow outside the window!
Someone is hurting him?Until??Just like the salt fish now?
Yu Wenxi is busy,Asked:“Who of the door?”
“Heaven will reduce the big,Let’s take a heart,Lucky bones,Hungry。
英 英 神 神,Just waiting for the timing,Remove violence,How to complain from Ai?”
Gao Bao Hall and the emperor’s walk into Yuwen’s study,Smiling and looking at the prince who has had one side with himself!
“Gao Baoyi!Are you finally willing to help me??”
Yu Wenzi is excited to wear shoes,Directly rushing over the master of Gao Baoyi,That is like a beautiful person, you have to be happy.!
“Hose,The scene of the solitary country is now,Or call the son-in-law。”
“I see!”
Yu Wenzhao suddenly realized,He originally pursuant,I have a lot of things.。
“The solitary country has been several decades in Zemark for decades.,If he can make a military reform,Why is it waiting today??
The army reform plan is really your handwriting.?I am still thinking about when I have such a good time.,really,That person is you!I don’t miss you.!”
Yu Wenzhen said excited。
“If you only think of these,So, you can take my woman to leave.,Because the temple will become a bone,Gao Bao,It is also unwilling to work with a person who will die.。”
Yu Wen is silent。
NS426chapter Tolerance and then resistant
“Four son,I will give you a bet with you.。If I won,You sent people to find me.。
If I lost,That naturally doesn’t have to say anything.。”
Yu Wenyi,Under the way:“What is better than there??”
“We gamble and was defeated by Yu Wenzi.,Can you safely return from the front line?。
If he is back,I lost it.,I will forget this person.。