He is also like a pick,Void slowly。

Around all people around,Look up。
Next moment。
Ginger is not quenched。
Li Tong also stunned。
Changping and Li Yari are more wrong。
Even summer,The look on the face is also changed again.,Have a shower,There is also a silk surprise。
Left fish next to,A pair of eyes is even bigger……She certainly knows each other。
I went to Long Dingshan to Long Dingshan.,Summer is personally guided by Long Ding real people in http://www.wffsj.cn the bamboo house。
And she has also taken the mountain,This is the power,Pointing for more than 20 days。
“Ha ha,Tiangong brother,What kind of wind blows you to my emperor。”
The extension of the extension of the extension of the extension,Gong,Laugh。
Li Tong also predecessor,Active opening,Laugh,“Tiangong brother,have not seen you for a long time。”
Whether ginger is still or talked,The look is more polite。
Even the depth of the eye is also flashing。
Without him。
This name is middle-aged,Not only the Ling Haijing is full,It is also the controller of the Easy Palace Law Entereration.。
He still has an identity,Core member of the Headquarters。
Really high weight!Ordination,More than one tall and ginger must have a half-term。
Tiangong hold boxing,Also unused,Straightforward,“Brothers,You http://www.sure-56.cn are a late step.,Wang Wei, this little guy,Before you have not assessable,It is already the disciple of our album,I will get started earlier in the future.。”
It’s not amazing.!All people around。
They can’t believe their ears and eyes。
He said……what?
Wang Hao has not been assessd before being launched by the disciple of the Qingqi Temple.?
this……this……How is the luck of this kid so good?!Don’t say it is a very common military person.,It is the strong border of the two alliances.,Some envy at this moment。
Be right。
envy!They are very clear to enter the ethereal gay.。
Because it is a road。
A road to the right center climbing。
Not strong, greedy,It is the higher the identity.,The more resources you have mastered。
Ginger is very fast to react。
He http://www.newlandshop.cn thought in the first time,Prior to Wang Yu(summer)Successful with the left fish,Both people have pointed out。
It should be that at that time and Wang Wei(summer)Endless。
but,Ginger is not easy to give up easily。
Core disciples are core disciples,Pro passed another thing。
Some military dozen often feel that they can’t encounter a teacher.。