“This……This is a cattle,he……How did he become this forced?!”

A scream in the live broadcast,Never thought,Niu Xiong will be full of http://www.tj-alt.cn blood,Face,On,All is blood,So before standing on the camera,like a statue。
next moment,Mouth angle,Laughing in the camera and smiling。
“Grass,This smile,Really……Laozi can’t sleep tonight.。”
“Cow Xiong, you are crazy.,Still?”
“This person wants to do it.,Mom Ye,Scary!”
“Cattle,you……What do you have to do??”
At this time,Zhang Xing was also awakened,Looked up,See the cattle next to the old,Suddenly speechless,Can’t help but。
soon,Qi Lei and Chen Feihu have also woke up。
“You have run out again.?”
Chen Feihu, a bun, riot,Loudly asked。
Niu Xiong nodded,“Laozi ran out and saw a look,Nothing is nothing,You look,This is my trophy!”
Finish,Finger on the ground next to,Two groups of black paint,It is the same as a hill.,Only fur is black,I can’t see anything.。
“what is http://www.yaliliangjing.cn this?”
“See this style,Very like a wild wolf。”
“Crazy,When he ran, he ran out two wild wolves.?”
People in the live broadcast are speechless,I am shocked.,In this mountain,Niu Xiong dares to run out to kill wolves,This courage……Not a general big!
“How did I say before??”
Zhang Xing is cold and staring at the old,road:“You fell,A person steals out,You are a violation of the regulations,What do you mean?”
This team,I said it from the beginning.,Is responsible by Zhang Xing,After all, he gives money.,These people are theoretically wearing his arrangement。
only,Zhang Xing is a son,Other three are veteran veteran,Although Chen Feihu three people have obedient from Zhang Xing,But inner heart,It is inevitable that there is such a little bit of this son.。
Yang Feng Yin is a common thing!
Zhang http://www.castcollege.cn Xing also knows,These people did not put him in the eyes,But as long as the harmony on the surface is no problem,Anyway, this task is!
Can be a good,In front of so many people in live broadcast,Public violation of your regulations,I still ran out to hunt!
This is not to take yourself.!
What kind of?
“I am not going out to kill two wolves?,What is the problem?”
Cattroe is uncomfortable:“how,You still have to punish me.?我 一一 指,Still cut off my legs.?”