“He is fine。”Fang Yong stretched his finger and pointed to Zuo Luo,“you have a problem。”

NS 89 chapter(Dream)
“I have a question?”Zuo Luo is not exemptuous, She thought it was the sequelae left before the injury。
“Your pheromone level is too high。”Fang Yongyuan is just a report of Zuo Luohuan.,I didn’t expect to find the ni,Her pixel is simultaneously in the moment,The surface seems to be like a dead。
“I didn’t understand why he disappeared when he didn’t understand http://www.szht92.cn why he had disappeared., Even if he has a strong will to differentiate intoOga, Also need an opportunity and time, Instead of such a sudden shrinkage of the gland, it stopped.。”
Zuo Luohuan listening, But I found that the more I worked, I didn’t consciously.。
――He is tension。
Fang Yong’s eyes fell in the body of Ji:“It is said that Zuo Luohuan has a high fever in his room., You found her,Is this during this time??”
Although it is a question,But the party can almost what happened during the period., Changes after the coming。
Oki’s eyelash, Not speechless。
“Not talking about my problem?”Zuo Luo does not have traces on the previous step, Blocking the sight of Fang Yong。
Fang Yong means unknown:“Of course it is your problem,Such high rating,As aAlpha,Not completely a good thing,No suitableOga, It’s easy to solve the problem.,You are like a explosive barrel,Do not stop the explosive, One day, I have to explode sooner or later.。general speaking, You are a short-lived ghost。”
Zuo Luo Huan:“……”
Fang Yong looked at the coming of Zuo Luo Jing:“I boldly guess, You glandular reversal and Zuo Luo can’t take the relationship,The precursor of the differentiation is extremely high.Alpha, It is bound to be suppressed。Normal people are sometimes lost to lose consciousness,Either spirit is subject to major strikes, After that。But you……”
About a person’s latent consciousness does not want to hurt each other,Another subconscious, don’t want to fight,So it has produced this reversal。
“She bites you?”Fang Yong suddenly asked。
Zuo Luohuan heard the courage,Migle to see,He did not speak,But no den,It is already enough to explain。
“This is also very good……”What did Fang Yong said whisper?,Subsequent to Zuo Luo,“Your pheromone level is too high,He is not low,Maybe you mark him,Instead, he can make the gland development more complete,You are not too late to die.。”
“In short, you must be willing,What tag is tag,Check it again next month.。”Fang Yong started to rush,“Take up me for so long,time to go,I still have a patient.。”
Zuo Luohuan is coming out,I have not spoken until I am sitting on the car.。
Waiting for her leaningmous case to help him,The sound of Ji Yong:“You will not be angry with me?”
Zuo Luo Huan,Looking up at him,Laugh:“What is angry with?The more we are so good。”
Because he is unscrupulous to calculate her,Every time close,Every sentence is a meaningful meaning,No one will like being calculated。
“The doctor just said,In the future, my life is in the hand.。”Zuo Luoho looked up and touched him,“As long as you are,I am not too late.。”
Ji’s frown,Reach the lips of Zuo Luo Huan:“Doctors don’t say this,You will live for a long time.。”
Zuo Luo is in this posture,Dear http://www.2dgh.cnto take your palm:“good,You accompany me together。”
The two will return to the central city.,It’s already afternoon.,They have not returned,Ready to go again tomorrow morning,This can be stayed like this night.。
At night,Fang Yong sent a message to Zuo Luohuan:【That temporary tag can try,You should know if you specific,In short, don’t just integrate with information.,It is best to make him feel happy.。】
Zuo Luo was swept away,Delete information,Doctors sometimes do not。
However,She ignored that Fang Yong was a person who cut off his gland in order to study medical skills.,To achieve the purpose,Face will not want,He also sent a message to Ji Yong,Take Zuo Luo to make a bamboo,Prescribing that she needs regular venting。
Zuo Luo Hui Hui Hui Hui,But Oki’s care care。
But leave the bedroom,Go down the glass back,http://www.hrbdyt.cn The room is full in the roomOgaIris sweet,Ji’s thin long shirt sitting in the middle of the bed,I heard the sound of opening the door,I turned to her.。
White millet is shining under the lighting,Turning often Zuo Luo only when you can’t see yourself,But now the other party releases so many positives,I look at her with a pair of wet eyes.,Not too much。