“Not。”Li Wei shook his head:“We are not weak unqualified choices,do not worry,These forces,We welcome,Give them a horse。”

“it is good!”Lin Feng sorrows:“it is good,The construction of the construction is fast!”
“rest assured,Both use the latest3dPrinting technology,And hiring all international first-class technical workers,Liu also also participates in design,You have time to see it.。”Snake is dead。
“Ok,All right,You are busy.,I am going to go casually.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Shadow, shadow, they have time to talk。”
“Need us to go with wine??”Snake。
“no need,Shadow, women’s eyes are very poisonous,I am worried that she sees your virtuality.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Now people in the world know that my http://www.chebiandang.cn Qinglong Chamber of Commerce has Jiute and Qingli,Everything is a half-step-level big coffee。”
“Ha ha!”Li Yu Shen and the snake are omitted, and I am laughing.。
“Perhaps the bronze conference,We have also emerged from the three-legged sky-level big coffee.。”Lin Feng smiled and took the road,Lin Feng took out three eight star creation Dan。
“Eight Stars!”
The snake is dead and Li Wei gods have looked at the medicinal herbs in Lin Feng.。
“I will not disturb them.,You give them。”Lin Feng directly gave a snake:“Existing martial arts masters fight for impact half-step,Existing semi-step martial arts strive for impact,me too。”
“it is good,Steamed。”The snake is dead and the two of the two people are looking for each other.。
“Statistics。”Lin Feng told。
Li Yizhen and the snake nodded,I immediately turned around.。
Lin Feng also looks for a wide place to http://www.beatscn.cn sit down.,His phone sounds,He took out the phone and saw the phone called Beckham.,I immediately turned on the phone,The voice came from the sound of Beckham:“husband!”
“Wife,Is it going to the Antarctic??”Lin Feng asked with a smile。
“Now ready to fly from the Antarcticity?。”Becue is smile。
“So fast!”Lin Feng heard the words。
“We immediately flew to Huaxia,You are ready,Put out。”Becue:“It’s better to build。”
Lin Feng heard the head:“Almost give this thing forgot,Shedy,You are playing there again again.,After waiting for the people of the fairy hopes at noon,I told people to design,In fact, I want to build a underwater world in the moon.。”
“I think so too,Not better than the bottom of the water,Um,Ok,We look at it here.,You take care of yourself,correct,Your people are really,I hang my mother on my phone yesterday.?”Becai Xueyin is not a good way。
http://www.fysanlultd.cnHey-hey,The mother of my mother said to me,Do you say that I can hang??”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“See your thief,Which sound is not worthy of you??”Belle Road:“I will ask you that you agree or disagree.?People’s drug king is on the newspaper。”
“Transfer topic。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Don’t talk about this,Be careful in the South Pole,The people of the midnight moon will have been there.。”
“A bunch of butter fish。”Belle Road:“All right,remember,Things don’t forget。”
“I see,Be careful on the road。”Lin Feng soft:“Things in the afternoon,I will go to your home.,Give the mother mother。”
“This is almost,My mom should now be in the construction of Qinglong International Hotel.,I heard about it, I’ve called a statue.。”Bei Xue Yin laughs:“This statue is the work of this lady.。”
“I said my wife.,I don’t know this.。Besides,When you change the designer??”Lin Feng heard a speechless。
“Miss this is understandable, you can understand what you know.。”Bechang Charming laughs:“I will know。”
“OK,In the afternoon。”Lin Feng Road:“I see what statue you give me.。”
“I will give you a surprise.。”Belle Road:“All right,I hang up,Since you let go of the evening,I will let the Golden Dragon take us in the underwater world.,You can rest assured and one piece。”
“Ok,You are more,Golden Dragon This is unreliable guy。”Lin Feng Yu。
“Your sister,Laozi is not reliable。”The sound of the golden big python is passed from the phone.:“Antarctic is my site!”
“Less it is hot here.,correct,When I went to Tang family, I saw that Tang Dynasty is not?”Lin Feng is interested in asking,This article about that one thing Lin Feng is also instructing the golden big python.。
“Very regrettable,This hop is speaking for him.!”Golden big python hate:“Next time China,Brother receiving him。”
“become。”Lin Feng Road:“Be careful to become a hedgehog,All right,Your voice is too hard to listen.,Draw a few words,Let the wife take a photo to come over。”Lin Feng directly hangs directly。