More than ten seconds,IGOn the road, one column is alsoSNGUeno promotion。

IGLower road double group,after this,Direct transfer。
SNGDown the way,Nature is also coming。
And with the two sides of the middle, the harassment of each other is increasingly intense.,Sino-Wilder in both sides constantly appear in the middle。
13minute,IGLower double group in the middle road push tower。
Subsequent,Luo directly flashing Mo Gundana,Fit togetherngAfter the wrap androokieOpen land。
Snake snake even handed over,In the end, it is still difficult to escape.。
but,SNGIt seems that I don’t want to give them this opportunity.。
SNGChina Singhz directly open,Transfer yourself toIGSide wing of the station。
Shangdad,Almost at the same time,Come to the middle。
Under this wave,rookieIt is actually fell to the end.。
He was taken by RuzWImprisonment,Have to choose to openWdeterrence。
butSNGEveryone doesn’t look back at all.。
seem,They feel that they have already set it.IGAll like everyone。
That is, with this idea,whenrookieWhen the flash is shot,There is almost no oneSNGPeople can react。
GarioWflash,Direct mock up three people。
OrderdukeAlso at the same timeTP。
finally,SNGThe three people were killed directly,Only one side wing,No one is Ruz escaping。
andSNGThe more you fall into the disadvantage,The more anxious。 They may not understand some,It’s so big to open the game.,Why is it so fast??
Under the influence of this mentality,SNGThe operation in your hand is also getting more and more impatient.。
They want to create opportunities,I also want to hit the situation back.。
15minute,IGLower double group in the middle line。
SNGDouble group,It is in the Qing line with them.,From time to time, the snake snake。
And again,The palace cleaning and the female police have done two times.。
szSuddenly, some are not right,I have dotted at the past.,This time, it looks more than anyone.。
And at this time,IGMass,baoanSound sound:“Ryz,Withdraw with us to withdraw。”
In fact, it is notbaoanremind,Palace Qing has also seen it。
Walk into the middleIGblueBUFFIn the walkway in the wild,Ruz has already appeared。