I think he started to act again.,Immediately opened a shop in Tiansheng,Almost all of them are almost all of this top,And really let him gamble。

As Tianheng’s performance begins to rise,The sales in his store are also climbing straight lines.,Short more than a month,The shipments in his http://www.yihu520.cn factory have been nearly five times more than before.,And he has also finally earned the first one million in life.。
True to make money, such as water,He still rang your brain in order for the production of the factory for a few months.,After a few months, he realized a million months.,Just like a dream。
More than him,His wife is still not imagined,He will never forget,When he put the earned one million cash in front of his wife,Already because of his alien,I haven’t given him a good face for half a year.,At that time、stunned、Rejiever。
And he is also deeply experienced at that time.,It turned out that I was married for more than ten years.,Strong、Stern wife,Actually it can be so considerate,So……
However, although the money earned,But also quite feet。
Tiansheng is more and more stringent for counterfeit,Once http://www.eayonhair.cn found,Lightly fine,Heavy cluster。
And his situation is not too light.,It is quite serious,Short more than a month,He has been sealed three stores,he、His wife、Three stores that have been open for his father’s three people,Already banned。
According to previous experience,Redate time,This shop opened with fucking,It should also be insisted for more time.,I have to do it now.。
Think about this,Zhang Shun got up,Going out of the daughter-in-law that is brushing in the kitchen:“Magnolia,Go back and go home,Go to the bank with your parents,Use the ID card of them to do a bank card,Open the online banking,Then take the card and ID card.,I use it。”
Guan Yulan returned:“Are you anxious??If you don’t want to go, go.。”
Zhang Shun swaying:“Need not,You will take a time to do it in these two days.。”
“I still will http://www.cqmxt.cn go.,Going to the banking card is still troublesome,Don’t delay you,Early, I have been safe.。”
Guan Yulan accelerated,Three two times,Rubbish,Pick up the phone and hit the door:
“mom,Are you at home?”
“Row,Then don’t go out first,I have something to find you.,Immediately in the past。”
Come to the door between talking,Put down the phone just opened the door,I saw a group of police officers at the door.,Guan Yulan instantly,Aperture:
“Is this Zhangshunjia??He is not at home?”
Guan Yulan’s conscious point nodded,Nervous:“What do you want to find??”
Header has seen Zhang Shun standing behind,No answer,A push of him,Go away:
“You are Zhang Shun?Your alleged production and sales of counterfeit and shoddy products,Walk with us.。”
rear,Zhang Shun instantly faces pale。
NS411chapter Resolutely investigate and do not palliative
“Total Wang,Be formed,The costume factory in the city has just been knocked out,The boss has also been controlled。”
In the phone,Hu Mingyu smiled,Notify the king of this news。
Kid:“The speed is still very fast,Thank you this time.,Wait back, please drink it.。”
“have to,Then I will wait.。”Hu Mingyu is not polite,Cool promise,Also:“Others are not in the city,I have to coordinate the local area before I can catch people.,It is estimated that there will be a message in a few days.,Don’t worry。”
“clear,How is the Municipal Bureau?,I’m in no hurry。”Wang Li, a smile。
Chatter,hang up the phone,Wang flows to sit in the opposite music。
Recently he has no noise,Media person,She also has some eyes, he is hot.,I have already called several calls before,I want to come to an interview with him.,Unfortunately, the king is not in the city.,I have not been able to travel。
This time, come back to Wang Zhixin wedding.,She is also invited,The two are just touching the top,Le Yao even once again filed an interview。
Rare,Before she helped the king a few times,The relationship is not bad,The king is cool and promised.。
I was interviewed today.,Le Yao is also coming。
I have already interviewed for a while.,Hu Mingyu, this phone is suddenly interrupted,King sneak:“Feel sorry,Forget the shutdown,What did you say?”