Tianjin Municipal Bureau Party Member Cadre Since the Sinking Community Enters the Round Value Office, True Love Service

Original title: Introduction to the round value of the real thing, the truth, the truth, "Because there is any disability, I didn’t go downstairs for many years. I always wanted to go to turn, see the beauty of the five avenues. The sinking cadres of the City Disabled Persons will help me. "Liu Yong, Liu Yuli, Ninglei Community, Nankai District, Tianjin, excitedly. "Grande, you can rest assured, after you have anything, the Community Party Service Center will contact the City Disabled Persons’ First Time, which will help you solve it.

"The City Disabled Persons’ Federation, Wang Qiusia, Wang Qiusia, tightly holding the elderly. Since this year, the city-level organs have conscientiously implement the" Tianjin Municipal Bureau Party Member Cadre Squiry "Intrinsic Work Measures (Trial)", will The ranging wheel value is an important carrier for the practice of "I have a practical thing I do for the masses", and the party members and cadres of the municipal government will enter the community.

They deeply entered the streets and alleys, as a good policy and regulations, "propagandists"; use stick to protect the public security, when the exhibition is prevention and control "guarantee"; send the service to win the people, help the community to solve the problem, when the masses are intimate "service staff" With the footsteps to measure the people, solve the residents and urgent, when the social situation "collectors"; play their own professional advantages, put the wisdom into the community, when the grassroots governance "help"; engage in activities to enrich the people’s livelihood, be a good people culture " Organizer. In order to do good things, truly do practical things in the masses, the municipal government party group (Party Committee) and the grassroots party parties, the cultivation measures, track management, and supervise the implementation of the people.

All units introduced relevant management systems, stipulate more than 60, in-depth visit to more than 560 times, and track the performance of party members and cadres, and form a strong synergy for the promotion of work. The implementation of the implementation of the Municipal Cooperation Exchange Office, "Ten measures on the grasp of party members and cadres,", etc. , Strengthen the tracking of the management; the Municipal Public Security Bureau strengthens education management supervision, issued the situation every quarter; the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau establishes a round-value cadre collection, transferring the water-related problem mechanism, solving practical difficulties for the community … As of now, the party members of the municipal government Cadres give full play to the advantages of units and personal expertise, actively participate in the community grassroots governance, actively participate in the grassroots party organizations, civilized cities creation, epidemic prevention and control, visit condolences, contradictory adjustment, etc., for community governance, service 1831 "Golden Point", claim 910 people "mentally", visiting 8,184 people in the people, to do 8069 things for the masses.

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