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Shanglin County, Nanning, Guangxi is a multi-ethnic group-based multi-ethnic group, as an important member of the Da Nanning economic circle, Shanglin County deepens the reform, implements all-round, multi-level, wide field open, strive to put onLin Construction has become an important supply of "post-garden" and green agricultural and sideline products in Nanning.China’s Senior Society officially awarded "China’s longevity, Guangxi Shanglin" plaque and certificate to Guangxi Shanglin County, 2012.

Shanglin County is located in Central South, Guangxi, Daming Shandong, Northeast China, Northeast, Binyang County, Southwest Nidding Wuming County, Northwest Lian Mashan County, north to Yucheng County.The county town Dafeng Town is 128 km from Nanning, Guangxi Province.