Ruisi, Zhejiang: "14th Five-Year Plan" period, see how Zhejiang "controlling the global"

  Recently, Zhejiang "striving for the modernization of socialist modernization" became the topic of Zhejiang people.

It is understood that by 2035, Zhejiang will basically achieve high-level modernization, and become an important window in the new era to display the superiority of the socialist system of Chinese characteristics. Xinhua Ruixi system analysis showed that the incident mentioned the high frequency of frequencies: modernization, learning, struggle, problem, implementation.

Among them, December 31 is the peak period of information release, and the amount of information is 695.

  Over the years, "Zhejiang" has achieved various changes in the earth, and the economic and social development has entered a new stage. Zhejiang realized "three jumps": from the economic province’s jump to the economy, from the over-depth of the internal opening, the transformation of the whole world, from the overall well-off, high levels of well-off. Most netizens commented that the message hopes that the country is getting better and better, I hope that Zhejiang’s construction is satisfactory.

The economic development is an indispensable part of success.

In 2019, Zhejiang Province has a total production value of 6235.2 billion yuan, leaping up 6 trillion yuan, with a per capita production value exceeding 100,000 yuan, reaching high income economy level. In the first three quarters of this year, Zhejiang Province has a total value of 458.26 billion yuan, an increase of%, and realized the "two seasons red, half year positive, three seasons".

  The future picture of Zhejiang is the focus of many people. Zhu Guoxian, member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Zhu Guoxian, said that the two major goals will be achieved, and Zhejiang will focus on "modernization", "high level", "first provincial" three keywords.

  "Modernization" is Zhejiang to fully promote the modern industrial system, scientific and technological innovation system, comprehensive open system, coordination of development system, social governance system, advanced cultural system, ecological civilization system, people’s livelihood guarantee system, risk prevention system, political security system, etc. Modernization.

"High level" is Zhejiang’s efforts to build high-quality development highlands, three major categories, reform and opening up new highlands, New Times Cultural Highlands, beautiful China Anti-Demonstration Zone, Provincial Modern Governance First Demonstration Zone, People Happiness Beautiful Home. Around the "first province", Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee puts forward the "Ten First", covering economic, political, cultural, social, ecological civilization and party building areas. People’s livelihood is also a topic of netizens. Many netizens look forward to the future picture of "People’s Happiness and Beautiful Home" built by Zhejiang. In fact, people’s livelihood issues concerned with the people’s livelihood, with work, income, social security, medical and health services, living conditions, environment and other factors. During the province of striving for socialist modernization, Zhejiang has strive to build a "cultural and beautiful" "cultural and moist" "social and preface" "ecological harmony" "people and" people and help ". At the same time, Zhejiang is an innovative high place, "innovation" and "digital construction" have always been important keywords from Zhejiang to seize future development and provincial governance system. It is an important means to achieve high efficiency management and digitization.

The extensive application of digital governance systems such as "Internet + Regulatory" platform, public credit platform is an illustration. In daily life, digitization is an important support. The online class is a normal state, the home office is no longer unstopporarity, the scan code payment is visible … Digital reform core essentials are the use of digital technology, digital thinking, digital cognition, institutional mechanism, organizational structure, method, means for provincial governance. Performing a full range of systematic reshaping is an efficient construction of new platforms, new mechanisms, and new models.

  Strive for the modernization of socialist modernization, and the common efforts of all people in Jiangda.

In the future, Zhejiang will integrate into the "national needs", based on "Zhejiang can", comply with the "people’s expectations", aim at the "future", and open the new journey of modernization.