[Video] China Petroleum Jilin Sales Company is preferred to warm with you

"Hello, fuel full 150 can be exchanged in Kunlun Star antifreeze glass water bottle, original price 14 yuan, current price is 7 yuan!" China Petroleum Jilin sells Changchun Branch Dongling Gas Station, and the fuelry is enthusiastic to say one Station customer.

In the ice, the yellow poster of "Kunlun Helps" is particularly jealous, adding a warm winter to the cold winter.

Since the winter, the temperature has declined, in order to benefit from the majority of customers, China Petroleum Jilin Sales Company focuses on Kunlun Star, "Kunlun Premium +" and other high-quality self-owned goods and other best-selling products, selected 61 home, essential just need The goods have launched a multi-purpose preferential exchange activity such as "Kunlun Help" and "Grain and Oil Festival", let customers travel warm.

Since the launch of activities in October, it has been well received by the majority of customers, only 440,000 barrels of the Kunlun Star Glass Water.

Sun Yue, the Manager of Dongling Gas Station, China Petroleum Jilin Sales Company: Winter is coming, we are actively recommended for customers to use the anti-frozen glass water used by the lowest temperature to zero 40 degrees, while preparing coffee in the room. China Petroleum Jilin Sales Gas Station is a more than a thousand kinds of business products, covering a number of categories such as snack, beverage, daily necessities, and car resilings, and drinking and drinking.

Among them, the Chinese oil system has its own commodities, and it is a high-quality featured goods developed by China Petroleum and well-known enterprises. Some are from Jilin Province, and some are from thousands of miles away. China Petroleum Jilin Sales Company Dongling Gas Station Convenience Store Administrator Li Wen: We take every promotion, according to the requirements, conscientiously do the inventory management, to ensure adequate goods, and carefully do the exhibition in the store and create an activity atmosphere. In one event, we are more and more understanding customers, and customers are more and more trustworthy.

In 2021, Jilin sales have carried out "paying attention to good customers" and other many promotions such as "enjoy consumption, good life", "Zhou Zhou has activities, the moon is surprised", built a good volcanic spring, A series of explosive products such as Kunlun Star Auto Accessories, which brings affordable customers.

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