Resources: Continue to write a rural revitalization

On November 25th, the resource county held Yuegui Collaboration Employment to help live recruitment fairs, 50 high-quality enterprises in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, provided more than 50 jobs, covering general, marketing, logistics, catering, design , Operation, management, finance, etc. field.

This year, Nanshan District took a crush of Zhaoqing City, Zhaoqing City, the knot on the help resource county, and continued to write the development chapter of Yuegui collaboration. In recent years, resource counties have conscientiously implement the party Central Committee, the State Council and Guangdong, Guangxi, and the decision-making deployment requirements of the East and Western collaboration work, focus on the five collaborations of the industry, and use the funds from Guangdong, talents, Advantageous resources such as technology, market, social forces, and effectively promote the consolidation of expanding the effective connection of rural rejuvenation with rural revitalization, and promoting the revitalization of rural resolution steadily advancement. A talent collaborative help technology increased on October 22, a severe pneumonia, multi-organ failure patients came to the Resources County People’s Hospital for treatment. The two doctors in Nanshan District, Shenzhen District, the two doctors have implemented "fiber-bacteroscopy + alveolar lavage" treatment, and the patient’s breathing is significantly improved, and the ventilator is successfully separated. This is the first time the county uses the technology to treat patients.

"Fiber microscope technology is one of the core technologies of the intensive medical department. It is also the skills of ICU should master. Through this Yuegui collaboration, more grassroots ICU doctors have mastered the skills and improve the ICU treatment level.

"Surgical physician Ye Yuan said. Since this year, Nanshan District has selection 20 medical experts to the resources to the mouth aid doctor, training medical staff in the way" pass, help, belt ", effectively improve the business of the county medical staff. And the ability to service in Guizhou in Guiji.

In addition, the county also used Yuegui collaboration to help funds 9.8 million yuan, and supported the reconstruction of Guuri Township Health Center. The continuous improvement of medical conditions in resource counties is a microcosm of Yuegui Talent Collaboration. This year, Guangdong has selected six employed cadres to the county to carry out Guangdonggui collaboration, and two professional technical talents to the county to carry out education, support, and technical support work.

At the same time, resource and counties also selected 2 cadres to Guangdong to exchange communication, and selected 15 professional technical talents to Guangdong to communicate and learn from class. The county and Nanshan District have signed a total of 38 pairs of support agreements. The streets, communities, enterprises, schools, such as the district have established a knot in the resource county.

The B industry collaborates and strengthens the development of the country, on November 28th, located in Shuangfeng Town in Zhongfeng Town, Resources County, tourists are woven, everyone takes advantage of Winter Warm Yang out of the door.

Entering the eyes is a wide and clean parking lot, clean and hygienic tourist toilet, straight flat travel trail.

Through the many local villagers, through the opening of the farmhouse, they realized the employment of the house. "The promotion of the tourism environment is inseparable from the help of Yuegui collaboration funds." The person in charge of the scenic spot said. According to the relevant person in charge of the Yuegui Cooperative Office of the County, the county has taken advantage of RMB 28.2 million, focusing on the Tangxia pastoral complex, Shangliang Turi-garden complex, Yuegui collaboration 8 industrial income projects such as disabled employment workshops, special pig breeding base expansion projects, through the shadow quantitative into the shares, provide migrant employment positions, radiation driving projects, farmers planting agricultural products to drive the masses to achieve stable income.

It is reported that this year’s resource counties have received 530,600 yuan in the Guangdong financial industry collaboration fund, and 20 of the Guangdong Collaboration projects, involving 8 rural special industrial projects, 1 rural public service project, 2 beautiful rural model projects, and consumption help 9 of support, talent training, and labor collaboration projects.

In addition, the county has introduced more favorable policy initiatives in tax, land, e-commerce, tourism, investment, talents, etc., actively promoting and docking "Guangdong Enterprise Entering Gui", introducing 7 Guangdong enterprises to resource investment this year, absorbing rural areas The labor force is honest.

C Consumer Collaboration boost products from October 19th, full of resource pepper, Huangjing tea, lily powder, selenium-enriched gamma, etc., to Shenzhen. This is the first time in the resource county’s agricultural products to supply Shenzhen with the Yuegui collaboration platform.

Previously, at 2021 China · Shenzhen (7th) International Modern Green Agricultural Expo, the resource county Shanli Mountain Company and ZTE Communication Co., Ltd. have signed a total of 12 million yuan of poverty alleviation products consumption to help transaction contracts.

"The Yuegui Collaboration Platform has become an important channel for resource agricultural products.

"Master Majun, Director of the County Agricultural Rural Bureau, told reporters that with the help of the Yuegui collaboration platform, the county gangster suppliers actively with Nanshan District shopping malls, supermarkets, e-commerce platforms, and signed transaction contracts.

As of the end of November, the amount of agricultural and sideline products sold to Guangdong in Guangdong has exceeded 20.81 million yuan. In addition, resource labor is also "walking out."

The county has strengthened the labor area precision docking, and hosted the Spring Festival to be accurately docking, holding the Spring Festival Stable employment, the spring breeze action "employment caravan" recruitment fair, "point-to-point" delivery, went out of employment and stable post and transportation subsidies The civil policy has helped 460 rural labor to Guangdong, including 334 poverty population. (Reporter Li Jiajian correspondent Cai Li Songwu Li) (Editor: Chen Luo, Zhou Yu) Share let more people see.