Tax concessions enjoys the development of enterprises in advance

"Just ended in October, we enjoys R & D fees to deduct discounts in advance, and also enjoy high-tech enterprises to reduce corporate income tax. This real gold and silver tax support allows us to innovate more motivated, and there is also a bottom gas. "Tianjin Haizhi Huang Technology Co., Ltd." Ms. Gao said. Tianjin Haizhi Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Tianjin Port Bonded Area, mainly engaged in sewage treatment and water ecological restoration business.

In the sixth "Chuangke China" Tianjin SMS SMEs, the company won the first prize with "MABR Technology and Application Project in Water Environment Governance".

At the same time, the company has also selected the first batch of gazelle enterprises in Tianjin in Tiansjin in 2021. "The growth of enterprises is inseparable from tax policy. Only two years we enjoy tax benefits for millions. We will use foot, use good tax preferential policies, continue to adhere to independent research and development, continuous innovation, and promote sewage Purified low carbon, green sustainable development. "Ms. Gao said.

It is reported that in order to ensure that Komuchuo companies are enjoyed from the preferential policy, the Tianjin Port Bonded Area Taxation Bureau actively implements the re-emergence of the new policy, implements the dynamic management mechanism of the R & D fees, and use tax major data to high-tech enterprises, technology-based SMEs and There are key enterprises in R & D expenditures to compare analysis, timely screening off the list of preferential policies, unsuitable business list, and conduct a week-by-house verification, corresponding to the company to carry out a one-to-one reminder service and policy counseling, ensure Tax and fee promotion policy is fully released.

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