What is the prevention and control of the "Terracotta Warriors" epidemic prevention and control?

Original title: How is the "Terracotta Warriors" epidemic prevention control? On October 23, the reporter saw in the Terracotss Scenic Area. During the epidemic, the Qin Shihuang Emperor Tombs was still open. Previously, the "People’s Daily" official WeChat is praised: the treasury and horses "good work" The audience of the province of the hotel outside the audience or the history of the province’s history, the negative certificate of nucleic acid testing is required to enter the park in 48 hours, and it has played a key role.

  Epidemic prevention and control measures must be strictly implemented. Personnel introduction.

  Time flies this summer, on the morning of July 30th and August 3, Linyi District received the news of the Xi’an Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters on 3 nucleic acid testing positive tourists from the tourist news, immediately activated emergency emergency Command system, shut down the scenic spots, start traffic control, tissue nucleic acid detection, and achieve "fast response, fast disposal, fast blocking", in the Emperor Museum of Qin Shiji, a shuttle bus, bus, bus, etc. Regional environments perform full coverage sampling and final disinfection. A total of 1411 in the accumulated management of risk, using the shortest time to complete the nucleic acid detection in Xi’an, and "zero infection" is affirmed by the State Council’s joint defense mechanism.

  The relevant person in charge of Linyi District said that the string of the epidemic prevention and control must be tight, and the measures for epidemic prevention and control must be strictly implemented.

Linyi District will upgrade the original prevention and control measures, requiring the strict implementation of the scenic spots, "Nuclear test negative proves in 48 hours of nucleic acid detection". Subsequently, the Qin Shihuang Emperings Music released an announcement in an orderly restoration and opening up, clearly stipulated: "The audience, the audience of the city where the city is located in the middle of the high-risk level is not received, and the audience of the city’s history of the city, the province, the audience or 14 The province’s audience in the province of the province, the province’s audience is required, and the nucleic acid test report is negative to enter the park. "Maximum circumstances avoid risk block dissemination for scenic spots, the relevant person in charge of the Office of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarted Office of Linyi District believes: This is very important, it is also necessary! Linyi District received 40 million tourists, foreign countries, foreign provinces accounted for 90%. Linyi District also undertakes to enter Beijing and Shaanxi-China flight service control work. Therefore, for Linyi District, a stricter prevention and control requirement must be implemented, and the epidemic is blocked.

  Scenic spots such as Terracotta Warriors, Huaqing Palace, more attractions to relatively close-up attractions, very popular "12 · 12" "12" "resurrected legion" and other performing arts or in indoor performances. Personnel are relatively gathered, and the exemption of epidemic prevention and control must be strictly enhanced to maximize risks. "At present, Linyi District is prepared for epidemic prevention materials, isolation venues, fixed-point hospitals. Ensure full implementation of community prevention and control measures, do a good job in normalized epidemic prevention and control," Linyi District Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Comprehensive Coordination Group Deputy Group Pei said, "Next, Linyi District will continue to strictly put the ‘external prevention input’, accurate investigation, decisive disposal, strict management of risk personnel, and block the epidemic dissemination chain at the fastest speed." Guard the community’s epidemic prevention and control Important fortress has effectively implemented comprehensive prevention and control measures, and communities have "early discovery, early report, early isolation, early diagnosis, early treatment", will effectively curb the spread and spread of epidemic.

  On the morning of October 23, in Linyi District, Lushan New Homeland Community Health Service Center, the public under the guidance of the staff, in order of nucleic acid detection. "In accordance with the requirements of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters in Linyi District, we have strictly implemented the corresponding control measures in accordance with the key personnel, establish a key personnel management account. Community, according to the ‘one person and one class’, do a good job in the daily living service guarantee of home isolation personnel." Secretary of the Community Party Community Community Community Party in Lushan Street, Linyi District, said Han Xiaoqing, Director of Community. In order to build a community epidemic epidemic prevention barrier, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Linyi District (Community Prevention and Control Group) On October 18th, the "Notice on the Regional Leaders and Department Packages" to carry out epidemic prevention and control work, requiring the streets, framed areas, communities In the event of war, it is put into the village (community), the community’s epidemic prevention and control work, and conscientiously implement the measures of the epidemic prevention and control, the first time to implement the entrance of the community scan code, temperature measurement, registration, home isolation control and other epidemic prevention and control measures . Linyi District requires all pension institutions to fully implement closed management requirements, strictly implement the staff of the pension institutions to carry out a round of nucleic acid detection every 14 days, and store it can ensure that the pension institution has normal operation of the desired epidemic material. Since October 18, there has been 937 data in the community prevention and control group of Linyi District. , Accurately grasp the basic situation of returning personnel of high-risk areas, providing information security and decision-making efforts to prevention and control work in the district.

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