What is the real thing of people’s livelihood? Nanjing Yuhua Taiwan People’s Congress on-site inspection

Rainflower Territories People’s Congress representatives visited the key people’s livelihood. According to the bottom of October, the people’s Net Gain, at the North Section of the North Section of the Airport in the Yuhuatai District, Nanjing, the workers are moving in the world, and after the project is completed, this will become another fast passage of the airport to the main city of Nanjing; The bridge wetland park tree onion, the water is clear, attracting the public to come to the casual card; built in the Longfu Garden Community in the 1990s, the new project has made the community, the community is new … October 28th, Nanjing Yuhuatai District organizational District People’s Congress representative Field inspections on key people’s livelihood projects. This scene of the scene is aware of the representatives of the People’s Congress to visit. It is reported that in January of this year, at the fifth meeting of the 18th National People’s Congress of Yuhuatai, the National People’s Congress representative identified the 2021 key people’s livelihood project in 2021 in the region. Up to now, 10 of the 10 pieces of the people’s ticket decided by the District Tickets are generally developed in an orderly, completed, and the project is completed, and 31 items are promoted.

Road rising "color value", community change "We have completed the construction of all pile foundations, jerseate, pier, etc. in the northern section, complete the cast-in-place concrete box girder 3 joint and steel box beams, currently in the final A joint steel box beam construction and the remaining 2 sets of pouring beam construction. The project will be the construction of the ground-related road. It is expected to be completed in the main body of the May Mayment.

"At the airport two-channel project site, the project manager introduced the progress of the project to the representative of the District People’s Congress." There are many high pressure frame in the construction area, and the old road line pipeline is complex. We think of a variety of type pipelines in the construction process, and improve the road ‘color value’.

"Yu Haitao said. It is reported that after the completion of the airport two-channel project, it will improve the traffic conditions of Yuhuatai Xi Shanqiao, the core bridge area, to alleviate the problem of junction of the card, and become another fast passage of the airport to the main city, and further accelerate the pace of urbanization process. For regional economic development, new motivation is injected. The old community transformation is related to the people’s personal interests, and is an important people’s livelihood project.

On the afternoon of October 28, the inspectors came to the Longfu Garden Community of the Rainflower Territory.

In the community, each household is installed on the balcony of each household. The weak electric line is sequentially finished, and the small area is particularly refreshing; the new parking lot is tightening construction; the casual fitness facilities on the community square are all available, children Their laughter laughter is endless.

"This community is built in the 1990s. Through this rectification, we will fully develop the community road, house roof, etc., solve the problem of leakage, seepage.

In addition, we also enhance the community green, security technology, and strive to create a comfortable living environment.

The person in charge of the Longfu Garden Community Environmental Improvement Project said not far. It is difficult to relieve difficult parking.

"Good things, do things, do things, realistic wave, magnificent, enjoying the smoke-like powder messy grass, looking for the couch playful figure … Today, adjacent to Nanjing Yangtze River Third Bridge, the Three Bridge Wetland Park has become a far-known tourist card. .

However, there is another scene here: the park is built for many years, the park is lacking, paving the dirt, the landscape gallery is broken; the river is covered with a large amount of water, the water is covered with a thick blue algae . "This year, the transformation of Sanqiao Wetland Park was included in the district’s key people’s livelihood, and we invest more than 3 million yuan to repair infrastructure in the park. Due to the large park, we also installed 130 tourists to facilitate Citizens tour.

At the same time, it also conducts comprehensive dredging in the park inland. "Yuhua Jingkai District Rain Opening Industry General Manager said proudly, as the ecological environment along the Yangtze River is getting better and better, often see the vivid scene of the fishing river.

"This year, the number of tourists has increased significantly higher than in previous years, only tens of thousands of people in National Day.

"The representative of the People’s Congress of Yuhuai District, the party secretary of the Community Party," "He used to be a farmland, after several years of construction, plus the repair of Wetland Park, now there is a popular city park.

"On the afternoon of October 28, the Rainflower Territory People’s Congress supervised the people’s livelihood key project promotion meeting, and the head of the District Development and Reform Commission reported the progress of the project to the delegates.

"The overall progress of the current project is good, but there are some problems, such as individual projects affected by factors such as new crown epidemic and project implementation conditions, and cannot complete construction tasks in the original plan.

"The person in charge stated that the reform department will actively connect various problems in the implementation of the National Social Construction Committee and the responsible units, which will in-depth research, snight target, track problems, and actively coordinate difficulties.

In 2019, the Yuhuatai District took the lead in the "Vachy" of the People’s Congress of the People’s Livelihood in Nanjing. For three years, hundreds of people in the districts have been resolved.

"Do good things well, do real things.

In these years, there have been many activities in the district to promote people’s livelihood, like this activity today, I have participated several times, I feel the responsibility of all sectors and construction units in front.

The director of the Rainflower Tower People’s Congress Standing Committee, Ren Boting, asked that the people’s livelihood projects were closely related to the people’s clothing and food, including the people’s share of development, and he suggested that after each project was completed, it can organize the representative of the People’s Congress to listen to the acceptance unit. Furthermore, the quality of the project is further off. (Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.