Fujian Shishi holds a series of publicity activities to win the world

Shishi World Cultural Heritage Propaganda Series Activity Starting Ceremony. Xinhua Net (Lin Yuxi photo) On November 12 At present, Shishi is accelerating the foundation of the three world heritage points of Wanshou Tower, Liu Shu Tao, Shihu Terminal, further enhances the interactivity of tourists’ travel, experience, and feels sense. The Shishi City passed the "Haishi Tour" to play the "Haishi Tour", "Silk Road" Shishi World Cultural Heritage Exhibition, World Cultural Heritage Mystery Quiz, Shishi Food Culture Promotion Tasting Tasting and other series activities, invite Wen Travel Experts, tourists play cards to experience the stone lion generation in the immersion method.

  During the event, the organizers also invited Wenbo experts to gather the stone of the stone, the atrium, and sharing insights, collision thoughts, and show the unique value system of Shishi World Heritage.

  This event is directed by Fujian Museum, Quanzhou Culture and Radio, Television Tourism Bureau, Shishi Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, Shishi Municipal Cultural Sports and Tourism Bureau, will continue until November 23.

(Liu Mihan Lin Yuxi).