Heavy boxing! Chun’an Firefighting Universities Promoted "Casting Life Channel" centralized governance action

For effective governance, blocking the illegal activities of fire trucks, set off the "119 fire propaganda month" activity, recently, Chun’an Fire Fighting Union County Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, County Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Sushui Sub-district Office and other departments to Jinmei Special rectification of fire truck channel behavior in the Times Square Community.

During the inspection, the inspection personnel discovered that there were private cars in the surrounding section of the Jimmy Times Square Community, and the electric bicycle violations occupied the safety hazards of the fire trunks.

In response to this situation, the law enforcement personnel ordered the owner of the blocked the fire truck to immediately corrected, and at the same time, the owner of the violation of the road was facing fire safety publicity and education, so that it fully realized the serious harm of the occupation and blocking the fire trip.

After passing the driver’s vehicle, after taking the test certificate, the traffic police department will punish the owner of the violation of the private car according to the relevant regulations. In addition, the community merchants also have a road operation, occupying, blocking fire passages, etc. For these situations, law enforcement officers shall order merchants to move their goods immediately, and dismantle the shed points that have not been licensed by peripherals. According to statistics, there were more than 20 vehicles, demolished, and moved away from illegal and occupying the road, demolished the illegal shed points of the occupation of fire and evacuation channels, and clean up more than 580 pieces of evacuation channel goods. Casting the fire passage 6, effectively crack down on the illegal act of blocking the fire safety channel to ensure hidden dangers to the bottom. In addition, the inspection team requires the property to perform the management responsibility of fire trip according to law, and conscientiously conduct self-examination and self-improvement, further standardize the design and daily management of fire truck channels, and increase publicity, let the community property and residents understand the fire trip The harm and illegality, enhance the awareness of the people’s fire safety rule of law.

The joint law enforcement action, timely eliminates the fire safety hazards that occupy the fire truck channel, ensuring that the fire truck can smoothly be smooth in an emergency.

Next, Chun’an Fire will use the "119 Fire Promotion Month" to widely popularize the use of management common sense, in-depth interpretation of laws and regulations involving fire truck channels, and cultivate the masses to ensure the smoothness of "life channels". (Guo Li), Guo Li, Guizhou Daily, Guo Li, Gui: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.