Fuquan City: Actively carry out the construction of minority special villages

Report, the reporter learned from the Fuquan Municipal Committee Reform Office. In recent years, Fuquan City has continuously improved village planning, strengthens capital investment, and deeply digs national culture, and actively guide social strength to participate in the construction of minority special villages, and builds government leadership. The society is widely involved, and the masses have created work mechanisms in the national villages of the main role.

Successfully created 23 "China’s Minority Village" 4, Guizhou Minority Village ".

The city is an opportunity to carry out the planning of natural village planning, combined with Huang Silongjiang Bunzhai, Dawu Shui Village Qilin Mountain Miao Village, Fengshan Town Jinfeng, Luping Town Xinqiao Yun Village, Bai Pingspi, Yanzhai, etc. The development ideas and positioning of 24 "Guizhou Minority Characteristic Village" and Shuanggu Village, "Chinese Minority Characteristics Village" and Jinshan Shuanggu Village, according to the distribution of minority nationalities, scientifically, and formulate a village A special village planning layout. At present, the city has completed more than 1099 more than 30 households, the above natural village planning, including more than 70 natural villages in ethnic minorities. At the same time, the priorities of ethnic minority villages have been protected as national unity and improvement, adhere to the principle of "multi-change to build", integrate all kinds of funds, strengthen the protection of minority cultural relics, and rescue a batch of batch The characteristics of the national characteristics, specialty landmarks, and the most likely to protect the village of the original village of minority villages. At present, more than 310 minority homes, more than 80 minority production and living products are included in the protection of more than 260 people in the minority, and more than 380 characteristics of minority characteristics are repaired. In addition, Fuquan City also has a cultural inheritance, supporting various intangible cultural protection associations to excavate and organize minority characteristics such as Lan culture, 牂牁 牂牁 郎 culture, and Yangming culture, and encourage support for minorities. Cultural activities, enhance minority characteristic cultural attractions, expand the reputation of minority special villages.

At present, a group of influential minority festivals such as "March" and Xianqiao Township, Xiaoyu, and Luping Town, Luping Town, "June 24". At the same time, the Guizhou Yang played expansion projects composed of Kaiyang Yang play, Fuquan Yangu, Zheng Anyang play, successfully selected the fifth batch of national non-left recordings.