Chen Lijun: Practice the internal cooperation and win-win help the security industry in breaking through the innovation

  On July 29th to 31st, many security leaders gathered in the 2021 World Security Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Anba"), collectively showed a feast of the most cutting-edge technology and the forefront solution.

Chen Lijun, chief technology officer, Gao Xinxing Technology Group, said that customers are becoming more professional, which puts higher demands on security practitioners, and they also spur, we will continue to improve, and they will go forward. Chen Lijun, Chief Technology Officer of Gao Xinxing Technology Group. Xinhua Net (Wu Yuetian) "Gao Xin is the application leading brand in the domestic public security information industry. We always take our customers’ own good teachers, implement business-centric, problem-oriented, target-oriented, and give full play to our own technical advantages. And our customers grow together.

"Chen Lijun said. Gao Xinxing video cloud solution follows key technologies such as the decoupling concept, focus data and application, combined with cloud computing resources, AI artificial intelligence algorithm and large data analysis, and Applied hierarchical decoupling and agile integration, complete the fast launch of various services, and achieve the opening and sharing of data, actively create aggregated ecosystems with business integration, data fusion, and resource fusion.

  2021 Anba is a world-class security event organized by the first joint Interpise International Criminal Police Organization. As a leading enterprise in the public security information industry, in this AFC, high-rise focused on the "cloud + end" smart law enforcement system. At present, the system has deployed 3 national platforms, 8 provincial platforms, completed more than 300 municipal platform construction, and more than 1,000 projects have landed in the country, the market share is the first.

  "Combined with higher, faster, stronger concepts, our practitioners should do deeper, more special, stronger!" Chen Lijun said. When communicating with customers, Chen Lijun said that he can feel the overall level of the customer and a few years ago, from the original simple level, from the original simple level, to discuss how to solve its own problems, customers The needs of the system are more and more pragmatic, which requires security companies to go deep into the details of the customer’s work, solve the pain points in their work.

The picture shows the high-rise booth and the exhibited law enforcement recorder and other products.

Xinhua Net (Wu Haotian Photograph) "We focus on solving more customers’ needs, this requires the development of relevant standards." Chen Lijun said that the industry’s standard system requires more manufacturers to recognize, not a matter. Therefore, in order to solve the needs of more users, high-emerging collaborative infrastructure, applications, algorithms, etc., forming a related specification including data collection management.

He believes that the birth of this industry system is inseparable from customers.

  Chen Lijun also emphasized that Gao Xin is not an exclusive company, but a company that hopes to develop together, common progress, and high-rise hopes to build a platform with other enterprises to provide better service for customers.

Anobaong, high-rise, and Huawei jointly honestly organized the "Wisdom New Rule of Law Application Forum", all local municipal public security bureaus, intelligence law enforcement enterprise technology representatives gathered on the spot, exchanged and sharing.

  China’s security market is huge, and security practitioners have a long way. "On the one hand, we hope to practice the internal strength, make your own professional deeper, facing the customer also considering more deeper; on the other hand, the security construction must take a look and draw out the excellent experience in the world’s developed regions.

"Chen Lijun said. (Text: Zheng Shuyu video production: Wu Haotian).