Dingzhou 2020 economic and social development "transcript" inspiring

Original title: 2020 economic and social development "transcript" inspiring people’s heart innovation ability significantly increased ecological governance effectiveness, urban-rural face, new people’s lives, continuous improvement, 2020, economic, social development, "transcripts" inspiration, people, business, computer, environmental comprehensive evaluation, 167 The first place in the county (city, district) was rated as China’s comprehensive investment of Baijia County; the export volume increased, the second place in the province; the total retail sales of social consumption products, the unit consumer retail sales, the province The third 146 high-quality projects are signed; 122 projects such as national research drone bases, total investment of 19.1 billion yuan, excess completion of annual goals; automotive and parts, sports equipment two special industries Currupi … Recently, this group of Dingzhou announced on the completion of the completion of the 2020 target mission. In 2020, Dingzhou City struggled to capture the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development. The city’s economic and social undertakings present a new situation: the comprehensive evaluation of the business environment in 167 counties (cities, districts) in the province, was Rage China’s comprehensive investment of Baijia County; the export volume increases, the second place in the province; the total retail sales of social consumption products, the retail sales of the unit consumer goods, the third place in the province … technology innovation ability has greatly improved.

Last year, the city has held a series of high-end activities such as Dingzhou First Sporting Goods Industry Design Innovation Competition, 2020 Hydrogen Industry Development Assembly, more than 20 industrial research projects, and Dingzhou Development Zone was rated as China’s production and research cooperation Innovative demonstration base.

In addition, the four items were selected for the provincial 2020 hydrogen energy industry key project list, among which Hebei Xuyang annual production of 1 billion cubic meters high-purity hydrogen demonstration project was put into production, Hebei Changan built a big leather card, hydrocarbon bus, negative pressure ambulance and other high-tech The model production base is building new energy laboratories and national new energy vehicles online monitoring large data platforms.

Last year, the city regulates 148 industrial enterprises, accounting for 75%, ranking first in the province; 16% of industrial technological reform investment, ranking first in the province; research and development funding investment growth, living The province’s first.

In 2020, the provincial county scientific and technological innovation capacity monitoring and evaluation, Dingzhou City was raised to the 7th place in 2019, promoted from Class A County. The effectiveness of ecological governance is remarkable, and the environment improvement has achieved the best level.

Last year, the city implemented the most stringent projection, governance, dust, controlled measures, and investing 1 billion yuan to complete the transformation of Xuyang Dry Extrip of Hebei and the VOCS depth governance project. The city has completed the "double generation" task of 19 townships and towns, and realized the full coverage of rural cleaning.

The Tanghe Ecological Repair Project of the Volunteers invested 100 million yuan was launched. The average annual concentration decreased year-on-year, and the annual target is superified.

Atmospheric, water and environmental comprehensive governance effectiveness assessments have obtained 3 "excellent". The urban and rural appearance is new. The city implemented a total investment of 25 billion yuan of construction projects, Wanda Plaza Shanda opened, the national trade center capped, high-speed rail station road, urban rain shock shunt project is completed, 337 national highway, Anxi street and other projects accelerate construction.

Promote intelligent traffic control, smart community construction, and build a public safety intelligent application platform. Urban-rural sanitation, garbage handling integrated operation is more efficient.

Dingzhou Museum advanced to the national secondary hall.

The national urban spread is ranked, the city ranked 26th in the national county-level city, 1st in the province, and finally a new round of national civilized cities to create nominate cities. The well-being of people’s livelihood is increasing, and the people have been very happy. Last year, the city enhanced four in the development of the farmer’s market, transformed from 19 old communities, and opened 529 urban assembly roads, hardening back streets, and the public service continued to improve. New and renovation enhances 125 schools to effectively promote the balanced development of urban and rural education. 4 projects in the infectious disease integrated disease complex of Dingzhou City People’s Hospital have accelerated implementation, and the negative pressure ambulance of township hospitals is fully covered. All undertaking cooperation progress.

Deepening the "venting service" reform, last year, the city canceled 107 issues, and 139 economy and social management privileges. Retired military services, contradictory dispute resolution and letters and visits work is solid, and the province has been in accordance with the province’s advanced city. (Reporter Xu Hua) (Editor: Zhang Xiaobo, I wish the dragon).