Cover 90% of the key building Shanghai Building party building into the "4.0 version"

It is located in the "Building Small Second" of the Jing’an Party Construction Service Station of the Henglong Square. In the Nanjing West Road Business Circle in "inch gold", there is a special space on the sixth floor of Henglong Square. This area covers an area of ??more than 300 square meters, showing the "red gene" in the Hang Lung Square in 90 years ago – the Second Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee established and operated the organs. It is not only the event venues of all kinds of party communities in the Henglong Square and the various party groups in the building, but also important space they plan to participate in the surrounding community governance projects. It is an important experience in the Shanghai Grand Party Construction. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the "Edition" of Shanghai Building Party is built by the side to rebuild the branch to pay attention to the "version" of excellent service, and then to the "version" of strong function, gradually enter the "Floor Committee". "Edition" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" Business buildings are the gathering place of innovative entrepreneurial talents and funding resources, and is also an important bearing place and best practical area of ??urban grassroots party construction. Up to now, there are 1569 business buildings in Shanghai, 90% of key buildings have established a building party organization, and a total of more than 2,700 buildings were organized. These buildings have absorbed more than 1.1 million employees, including 10 of the party members, accounting for 6% of practitioners.

This group is very young, very dynamic, with "three high two fast" features: high education, high skills, high income, fast flow, quick thinking. At one of the building of the building, Jiaxing Building, Pudong New Area, began to explore the "Building Committee".

Since April 2020, Lujiazui Financial City has launched a list of 6 key buildings such as Jiaxing Building and Shanghai Center.

Members of the Industry Bands are composed of the book Party Organization, the property management person in charge, the owner representative, the party members of the employee representative, and then select the appropriate candidate to serve as "Building Shan", and comprehensively responsible for the daily work of the building.

After a period of operation of the Industry, he promoted the "rush" problem of many building enterprises to operate and develop.

"On the stage of the version of" good governance ", we mainly do system, mechanism, connotation three aspects of exploration and innovation." The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Pudong New Area said that Lu Jiazui constructs a good governance system, which is taken by the party. , The owner or property is responsible, the government’s relevant government departments have been promoted, and the entrepreneurship of the enterprise is widely involved, establishing the system of building governance to build a shared building, implementing the "Building Building", "Building Building Office", building building ".

In Putuo District, 10 "100 million yuan" pilots such as Tie City Square promotes the "breaking" of the grassroots party to build "broken" in management model. In the exploration practice, Putuo District has established a solidized building party committee and the building committee in Putuo District, grafting the "neighborhood committee" model, refactoring building, governance, and business mutual promotion Enter.

Near Iron City Square has experienced the embarrassment of "two-tube first floor" – a cross-directed town, Changfeng New Village street, merchants, often run the wrong place, I’m not careful, I have to play two times, go two processes.

Last year, after a single management of Changfeng New Village Street, the streets have explored the establishment of "Building committees" and building joint party committees.

The street selection full-time worker stationed in the station and was held by the street branching leadership "First Secretary."

The director of the "Floor Committee" was held by the person in charge of the property or corporate representative. The members of the committee cover the owners, street social workers, street party members, street economic service commissioners, property executives, employee representatives, etc. Together.

In Shanghai, there are more and more similar "Building committees" organizations in Shanghai, and they are in series resource solving problems, and they will open up the "last kilometer" of urban governance, so that the building has become a warm-Habo, and the staff within 8 hours of employees. The "Building Committee" of the Tie City Plaza and the surrounding community jointly built the "1 ° C space" to build a brand, advocating the taking sale of brothers and community old people, using free time to accompany the old man chat, care for the old people, the community also takes out the brother Open the party group service site and community cafeteria, provide space, reading, and dining, driving the building and community to provide "1 ° C warmth". "The goal of building party construction is to create a temperature-building community value community, interest community, govern the community and responsible community through party construction.

Therefore, the building party building is the inevitable product of urban economic and social development. It is the inheritance and development of ‘branches to connect’ excellent traditions. It is the innovation and development of urban grassroots party construction under the new situation.

"Deputy Professor, Associate Professor of the Teaching and Research Department of Pudong Cadre, China.

According to reports, under the "Edition" of Shanghai Building, the city has continuously solo the integration of people, wealth, and material resources, and guarantee the "Building Commission". In the building, the "work area" in the building is integrated with the depth of the existing building party group, and the "floor committee" is built into the shared space of "window reception, affairs handling, on-site office, party membership activities". White-collar workers hold a number of services such as party classes, safety lectures, young friends, psychological counseling, and gather all kinds of people in the building to "the same roof".

(Editor: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang).