Head Wheat Spring Wheat

Recently, the spring wheat in Hengji Zhiji was harvested in the new village of Hangjin, Bayannao, opened, opened the sequence of wheat harvesting in the river set. Liu Ping is the villagers of Xincun, which is the new village of Hangjin. In these years, under the encouragement of various subsidies, he expanded the planting area of ??wheat this year, and signed a acquisition agreement with a local food acquisition of the leading enterprises.

"I have a more than 20 acres of wheat this year. In the basis of last year, I added a sixteen or semester, especially the selenium wheat. It is necessary to sell more two cents more than usual, and this income is also very good. The output is also very good, and it should be able to go up to more than 1,000 acres.

Liu Ping said that the Hengbo Irrigation District is one of the three major irrigation districts in the country. This year, Bayannre City has a total area of ??11.92 million mu, of which the wheat planting area is 760,000 mu, which has increased by 20,000 mu. 2020, Bayan The agricultural and animal husbandry sector in Lusl City combined with the agricultural production and sales situation in the 2020, it was proposed this year to increase food, forage, Chinese herbal medicines and facilities agriculture planting area, maintain processing vegetables, mama seeds and Western melon planting area, reducing the vegetative sunflower planting area, Guide farmers to adjust the development of agricultural production according to market demand, and scientifically arrange agricultural production.

In order to stabilize food production, improve the quality of agricultural products, speed up the adjustment of the crop industry, and the Baise Shuier City issued a policy to give 150 yuan subsidies for 200 mu of concentrated coils, and 100 yuan, and the county area according to each flag. The actual situation is given appropriate subsidies. Continental plants and retroreal grass subsidies can be 400 yuan.

Before this year, the wheat is harvested, and the dry hot air in the river, which affects wheat production and quality. To this end, the agricultural technology departments go deep into the fields and guide farmers to spray anti-counterfeit preparations, improve product production and quality. Chen Qiang, a senior agronomist, Hunqi, Hyundai Agricultural Development Center, said: "Because we are relatively strong, and the temperature is better, it is necessary to carry out dry hot air prevention and treatment, the main measures for dry hot air and control are to spray some habits and amino acid drought resistance anti-reverse preparations. It is a 10% yield to ensure that the wheat per mu is increased. The harvester participated in the wheat harvest, and the machine yield reached 100%. Bayannre City also sets a wheat machine reception service station in all flag counties, providing operational information, carrying equipment maintenance, fuel supply, technical services, etc. All end in mid-year. (Chen Zhiming Liang Yaodong Gao Xiang) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.