Heilongjiang Province issued an action plan to make up for the shortcomings of the life service industry

On the 7th, the reporter learned from the Heilongjiang Provincial Government that Heilongjiang Province issued the "Promotional Action Plan on Promoting the Limited Capital of the Life Service Industry to Make up the shortcomings on the shortcomings of the people’s life", and strives The standards are not high, the talent support is not strong, the business environment is not excellent, and the policy is not implemented to ensure the improvement of people’s livelihood and better meet the people’s growing needs of a better life.

By 2025, the province’s pension service bed will implement 250,000 to improve the supply of public welfare infrastructure services. By the end of 2022, 80 basic public service capabilities are fully covered, full quality, and standard implementation.

Dynamically adjust the basic public service standards of Heilongjiang Province. Based on the service radius and service population, each city and county will do a good job of planning and construction of basic public service facilities in the region, and carry out monitoring and evaluation of related service projects.

Expand the supply of inclusive sexual life services. The basic prerequisite for quality guarantee, affordable price, and sustainable operation of operations, and introduce social forces to develop inclusive living services through government purchase services, public construction, private office assistance, etc. Highlights in medical and other fields. By 2025, the total number of pension service beds in the province will reach about 250,000, and the population of infants and young children under 3 years of age will be held in the age of 3.

Building an hour to build more than 90%of communities to vigorously develop community convenience services. By 2025, Harbin City and other prefecture -level cities have been built at least 10 new or 5 and 5 -minute clocks, respectively, covering more than 90%of communities. Promote community service facilities with "a little useful" and sharing with pension, childcare, hygiene, and sports facilities.

The coverage rate of pension service facilities in urban home community in the province reaches 100%, the coverage rate of rural pension service facilities reaches 80%, the coverage rate of community childcare institutions exceeds 50%, inclusive kindergarten coverage rates are more than 90%, and the permanent population is more than 30,000 or more. The urban streets have at least one community health service center.

Support the construction of 6-10 elderly universities demonstration schools to improve service facilities for the elderly, children and disabled.

Establish 23 national demonstration elderly friendly communities, and implement the "three types of four types of" special difficulties for elderly families.

Coordinate solving the difficulty of using intelligent technology for the elderly, and facilitate the elderly to travel, seek medical treatment, consumption, entertainment, and work. Support the construction of elderly universities, promote the construction of elderly universities relying on open universities (radio and television universities), continue to promote the construction of learning cities, high-quality community universities, high-quality community education colleges, and high-quality community education schools, and support the construction of 6-10 senior universities demonstration schools. Formulate the "Implementation Plan for the Construction of Children’s Friendship City in Heilongjiang Province" and promote the pilot pilot construction of children’s friendly cities in 1-2 cities. During the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period, 69,000 households were renovated with barrier -free family disabled families, and services such as community auxiliary equipment leasing, recycling, and maintenance were promoted. The vacant public rental housing will take care of the "one old and one small", public health, national fitness and other service facilities in various places, and can appropriately relax the limits of land use and plot ratio in accordance with laws and regulations. Under the premise of ensuring safety norms, market entities that provide the community to urgently need services can rent ordinary houses to set up service outlets.

Explore the allowance of vacant public rental housing to provide social forces for free for them to carry out services such as food assistance, day care, rehabilitation care for the elderly in the community.

Promote the government’s unpaid or low -cost venue facilities and market subject micro -profit operation models to reduce the cost of inclusive life service. Pension, childcare, housekeeping, property, property services have standards to implement the quality construction operation of Longjiang special service standard brand. Before the end of 2025, carry out standardization of service industries in the fields of pension, childcare, housekeeping, property services, etc., and revise two local standards. Encourage qualified service enterprises to carry out service certification. Focusing on Harbin, Mudan River, Daqing, Heihe, Yichun and other places, "migratory bird -style" short -term pension services are carried out to create a Longjiang characteristic living brand. Actively cultivate international ice and snow tourist resort, Chinese ecological recreation, Chinese self -driving and outdoor sports tourism destination brand.

Encourage the holding of Longjiang characteristic brand sports events such as customs, Jiejiang Polar, Snow Mountain Forest, etc. The construction of 50 professional spots such as giving birth, recuperation, and housekeeping support the construction of a number of pension, childcare, and housekeeping training bases. Optimize the professional structure of vocational schools, and accelerate the construction of 50 tight professional spots including e -commerce, delivery, recreation, and housekeeping.

Promote the training of elderly medicine, child care, infant childcare and other elderly care talent training in colleges and universities and vocational colleges, and cultivate relevant management and technical application talents. By 2025, we will strive to build a high-level school high-vocational school of 1-2 high-level children’s teachers, and 3-5 high-level professional groups in the life service industry. Changing the career development channel of employees. Promote the transformation of employee systems for pension, education, housekeeping, and sports and fitness enterprises, implement employment support policies such as social insurance subsidies, employment apprentices subsidies, etc., and employment of employment difficulties and college graduates who comply with eligible employee enterprises shall be enrolled in accordance with regulations. Give social security subsidies. Skills talents, spouses, parents and minor children can settle in the work site of skill talents.

Each city (local) build a smart pension service platform to implement the digital empowerment of services and accelerate the integration and development of online and offline. Continuously develop new models and new formats such as live broadcasting e -commerce, social e -commerce, community e -commerce, etc., and create a "live e -commerce capital".

Promote the construction and upgrading of the health management information system to achieve the popularization of national health files and electronic medical records. Improve the function of health Longjiang service platform, coordinate online medical and health service resources of all parties, and provide services such as reservation registration, health consultation, and Internet medical care. Develop "Internet+Pension Service". By 2025, each city (local) will establish a smart pension service platform to create at least 1 smart pension street or community.

Promote the "Internet+Education Service", provide the Internet live broadcast interactive family parenting services, and promote the application of infant care service information management system.

Next year, the provincial national fitness information service platform will be opened to promote the opening of service data.

Under the premise of ensuring data security and protecting personal privacy, public data in the fields of Tourism, Sports, and Housekeeping in Heilongjiang Province is given priority. For market subjects and practitioners, explore the construction service quality user evaluation and sharing platform in the field, reduce the asymmetry of service supply and demand information, and achieve accurate service supply.

Build a cultural and tourism data resource system, and establish and improve the mechanism of data opening and sharing. Before the end of December 2023, build a national fitness information service platform in Heilongjiang Province to promote the informatization construction of public stadiums in the province, realize the fitness venue inquiry, event registration and performance inquiry, fitness expert consulting services, national physical measurement and fitness guidance services , Personalized sports fitness solution formulation and other functions.

Harbin planned and constructed three national regional medical centers in accordance with the plan, and implemented the cultivation of a strong market to activate consumer demand, and optimized the functional layout of the living service industry according to local conditions.

In Harbin planned to build a national regional medical center, which was planned to build a respiratory, pediatrics, and Chinese medicine (tumor), 4 provincial regional medical centers were established in Qiqihar, Mudanjiang, Jiamusi, and Daqing. Co -construction and other forms to promote high -quality medical resources to extend to the masses. The province will build 33 demonstration sports parks to improve urban and rural services docking mechanisms, and promote the high -quality and balanced development of public education services. Encourage conditions for regions to upgrade national fitness facilities, deploy 33 demonstration sports parks in the province, and take the lead in building a "10 -minute fitness circle". Promote the in -depth integration and innovation of "service+manufacturing", and strengthen the in -depth application of the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality, etc. in the fields of healthy pensions, education, culture, tourism, sports and other fields, and vigorously develop healthy fitness Equipment equipment, outdoor sports equipment, cultural sports innovation products, electronic equipment for the elderly, design and manufacturing of rehabilitation auxiliary equipment, etc., to improve the "intelligent" product. Cultivate 15 provincial -level night cultural tourism consumption aggregates Heilongjiang Province will carry out the construction of high -quality living cities. Each city (local) and county (cities) will formulate overall solutions for the development of urban life service industry by the end of May 2022. Support Harbin and regional central cities to initiate the establishment of a better life city alliance.

Promote the construction of national cultural tourism consumption pilot cities, and strive to create a national cultural tourism consumption demonstration city.

Promote Harbin, Qiqihar, Mudanjiang, Jiamusi, and Daqing respectively to create a national night cultural tourism consumption gathering area. Convenient services for accommodation and life to create a comprehensive service carrier.

Create a group of national -level tourism and leisure blocks, promote the reconstruction and upgrading of the national pilot pedestrian street central street, and strive to include Central Street in the National Demonstration Pedestrian Street.

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