Hebei Langfang An Second District and Bazhou City reported new cases of new cases of Baizhou stopping offline teaching

  The picture shows the site of the press conference of the Epidemic Prevention and Control of Anci District, Langfang City, on the evening of the 11th. Liu Jianbin’s press conference of the Paizhou outbreak prevention and control work report said that on March 10, when the city conducted a nucleic acid testing and screening of centralized isolation personnel, he found that three preliminary sieve positive personnel were found. For the confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia, three cases have been safely transferred to the designated hospital of Langfang City, and the patient’s life signs are stable.

As of now, three confirmed cases have investigated a total of 82 secrets, 214 second -secret, and 162 people in the secondary secret, and the first time the key personnel are transferred to a car and safely to the centralized isolation point.

  According to the official notification of Bazhou City, the city’s 383 village streets (communities) have been implemented and controlled. In principle, all citizens are at home and cooperate with the total nucleic acid detection and sampling work. All primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and off -campus training institutions in the city have stopped teaching and training activities for off -campus training institutions and implemented online teaching. The market concentrated on the testing of nucleic acid testing of closed -control areas, control areas, key prevention areas and key control sites. At present, two rounds of testing has been carried out, and the results are negative.

The third round of the whole nucleic acid detection is in progress. At the same time, Bazhou has strengthened internal and external management. 22 inspection stations are set up in 4 railway stations, 2 bus stations, 7 high -speed entrances, and 9 city road junction. Except for the transportation of epidemic prevention materials and people’s livelihood guarantee vehicles, other people and vehicles are strictly prohibited from entering and existing (except for extremely special circumstances such as critical patients).

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