Command Center of the Fuxing Branch of the Handan Public Security Bureau: "the strongest brain" as a pioneer

  In early January 2022, the brain of the brain was created, and the Command Center of the Branch received the public alarm that the items stored in the basement of a community were stolen for a total value of about 20,000 yuan. The police on duty quickly locked the suspect as the suspect. For public security organs, the command center can be described as a neurological center, and is responsible for overall ordering police information, analysis and judgment, dispatching command, data verification and information assistance.

In order to build 110 around the masses, they highlight the practical results, gathered the system resources of various police systems to the greatest extent, and used the application of all police informatization as a traction to create the strongest brain of public security organs. Capture criminal suspects and 160 online fugitives.

  They always adhere to the police’s concept of the police, standardize the work of the police, and set up a real -street patrol police dynamic police officer for the acting of the police for another 1 minute of targets, to crack down on crimes and serve the masses’ enthusiasm.

At 4:51 on March 26 this year, a crowd of the village and towns of the branch of the branch bureau reported to the police: her 22 -year -old grandson Zhang claimed to commit suicide, and had lost contact & hellip; & hellip; In an emergency, the police quickly found Zhang, but he refused to open the door in a large car.

When the police were preparing to break the window, Zhang suddenly started the vehicle forcibly driving away.

The command center instructed the police to follow the police to follow, emphasizing that keeping the distance from the car to avoid stimulating Zhang. At 7:50, the command center asked the police to stop the car. The police forces of the traffic patrol, special police, and Hanshan Branch were jointly disposed of. At 10:40, Zhang successfully persuaded getting out of the car and the danger was lifted. In the security mission of the Hebei Provincial Garden Expo in 2020, in the face of the arduous and heavy security work of the home site, they completed the various tasks such as the scenic area, the police dispatching of the exhibition area, and the emergency disposal of the exhibition area to ensure that the Fuxing District during the Park Expo did not occur together during the Fuxing District. Major cases and events.