Let the mutual assistance spirit flash on the front line of epidemic prevention

Li Chunyu, the secretary of the Party branch and director of the Changchun Workers ‘Mutual Aid Activity Guidance Center, and the director of the Changchun Office of the China Workers’ Insurance Association, signed up for the volunteer service team organized by the Federation of Trade Union in Changchun to participate in the volunteers of the Songzhu Mei community in Yongchun Street Epidemic work.

Later, in accordance with the demand for epidemic prevention in the city, he joined the municipal government committee party committee committee of the party’s cadre volunteer temporary party branch established in Dongfeng community in Hongcheng Street, Nanyuan District to serve as a member of the party branch, and took the initiative to take the control and undertake the sealing control. Lou Dong from 7pm to 7 o’clock in the morning.

Driven by Li Chunyu, 11 staff members have participated in the epidemic prevention and control volunteer service work. Those who did not join the volunteer service team organized by the Municipal President, and also took the initiative to report to the communities in their own community to invest in the work of epidemic prevention voluntary service.

In order to help the epidemic prevention and control, everyone also voluntarily donated to the provincial and city Red Cross, and poured the priceless friendship of the same way.

Maintain site order at the nucleic acid detection location, carry out the notification of nucleic acid testing in the household, go to the community card point on duty, do a good job of epidemic prevention and publicity … During the period of voluntary service, the staff of the Changchun Office overcome difficulties, combat cooperative operations, effectively alleviate effectively The actual difficulties of community epidemic prevention and control work, high pressure, and tight people have made contributions to union people for building a "safety line" for the establishment of community epidemic prevention. In addition, during the epidemic, the Guidance Center of Changchun Employee Mutual Aid Activity Guidance Center provided the members of the member units with no worry -free participation insurance service. Prevent and control and break the protection, and organize staff to actively plan the first -line epidemic prevention employees to give away mutual aid security plans for key positions, and set up special condolences such as epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, actively contacted the relevant departments of the Chinese Workers’ Insurance Association to apply for funds to purchase masks, gloves, protective clothing and other epidemic prevention materials. In accordance with the city’s epidemic prevention and control requirements The front -line epidemic prevention workers in the county (city) district and development zone.