“You are satisfied,Mr. Jiroki knows you want to use a motorcycle,I specially selected the best one for you to use,This is a boutique modified by a master,Absolutely guaranteed in performance。”Secretary Nishino smiled and began to introduce the various data of motorcycles。

“No wonder。”Tang Ze heard the explanation from Secretary Nishino,Can’t help but understand。
He was still wondering why such a good motorcycle was delivered so quickly,But if it’s Suzuki Jiro’s collection,,Then naturally there is no problem。
After all, Suzuki Jiroki’s car is a motorcycle,The one I got from him is naturally good。
But rich people are different,It didn’t take long for Tang Ze to ask for a motorcycle,Requests made in a previous meeting and chat,I’ll get it back。
It is estimated that there is also a warehouse in Osaka where Suzuki Jiroki stores collectibles,Otherwise, it’s impossible to send it to him so quickly。
“But brother-in-law, why do you borrow a motorcycle?。”The garden has a brother-in-law,Shouting without the slightest pressure,And asked curiously next to the motorcycle。
“Find a transportation tool。”Tang Ze smiled and said:“After all, Kidd has hang gliders,Flying in the sky is naturally much more convenient than on the ground。
So want to chase him,The car is definitely not too convenient,So I wanted to borrow a motorcycle。”
“Turned out to be like this。”Yuanzi nodded clearly。
“All right,Don’t stand here,Without delay,Let’s go find dad and them first。”Ayako sees everyone talking about it,Lead everyone to the art gallery。
Under the leadership of Ayako,The group came to the president’s room in the art gallery,After entering it, I found that Shiro Suzuki was receiving guests here。
I saw Ayako and Maori Kogoro and his party enter the chairman’s room,Shiro Suzuki stood up and greeted:“Mr. Maori, thank you for coming here from far away,Thank you so much。”
“Thank you for thinking of me,Please rest assured this time。”Kogoro Mouri tidied his tie,A dog-like expression in a deep voice:“Even if it’s Kaito Kidd,Don’t want to get it from me“Egg of Memory”!”
“Mr. Maori said that,I’m relieved。”Shiro Suzuki smiled kindly,Then he looked at the Hattori and smiled:“Don’t these two young people introduce me??”
“They are Hattori Heiji and Toyama Kazuha,father。”Ayako introduced with a smile:“Hattori is called“Famous detective in Kansai”,In Kansai, he is a very famous high school detective,Is Xuanyi’s friend。”
“That’s great,Maurisang、The three outstanding people of Kaneichi-kun and Hattori-kun are here,It must be able to defeat the plan of Kaito Kidd。”Suzuki Shiro smiled and said with a relieved look。
“Oh!Do not worry,Wrapped on me,Uncle。”Heiji heard what Shiro Suzuki said,Randomly waved his hand in response。
“Hey!You kid,Too rude!Calling Uncle Suzuki to President Suzuki。”Kogoro Mori couldn’t help but fight when he saw Hattori’s slack attitude。
“It’s ok,It’s ok,Mr. Maori。”Shiro Suzuki is not angry either,Smiled and worshipped;“Let me introduce you。”