Immediately afterwards, Tang Ze seemed to suddenly remember that it seemed different from the previous life,So I borrowed the computers of other departments to find the reasoning circles in this world,As a result, I didn’t have any works I was familiar with in my previous life。

This result pleases Tang Ze,Doesn’t this mean that the book you get in the lottery can be sold directly?,Don’t even copy the public,The content of the book obtained directly from the lottery is thrown out and it is over。
“But it doesn’t seem right,Can criminals do these things??”Tang Ze scratched his head thinking about this,“Don’t distribute the book and lose your job, but it’s not fun。”
After asking again,Got it from the system“If fate favors the standard,Can avoid these regulations in a reasonable way”s answer。
In fact, Tang Ze’s identity is a criminal that is so troublesome,If it’s an ordinary detective,The remuneration for these books is probably a necessary source of life。
After all, the profession of detective,The main way to make money is to find cats, find enough to find small three,And homicides are good for building popularity,But most of the time it’s for nothing。
And when you run for life,Naturally, there is not so much energy to pay attention to the murder,That’s why this kind of reward appears,Let him not waste time on trivial and useless things like finding Xiao San。
“Then the system,Please check my destiny favor,Has it reached the level that allows me to issue a book through criminal status。”
After figuring out the whole story,Tang Ze immediately asked。
Don’t look at him for a long time in this world,But he has prevented several cases from him.,Won the favor of a lot of fate。
Count it up,It seems that the number of cases solved by oneself is about the same as the number of times favored by fate.。
If not qualified,Then you can only put the inventory in the inventory first.,Wait until I have enough。
As for resignation, it is impossible to resign,A full-time dead end,I just want to work part-time,Every job needs to face talents,Speaks super nicely。
Ok,In fact, it’s because the criminal work works well with the system,Be able to participate in the case justifiably,More convenient than a detective。
So it is impossible to give up,Otherwise, I have to grab the job with Moori Kogoro…Ah wrong,Is to grabCBit。