I can’t help but laugh when I think of this,Ouyang stared at my mouth:“Brother Zhao,Your teeth are really plucked?Hey,I heard Wenru say that I didn’t believe it,I didn’t expect this to be true!I said they ancestors!We are a hero like Brother Zhao,They can even afford it!”

Although Ouyang sighed,But between the eyebrows, I can’t hide the joy,I know he is gloating,So I sneered:“Old ghost,Just at your bragging mouth,You will taste this sooner or later!I will applaud you when the time comes!!“
Ouyang’s face became ugly:‘Brother Zhao, don’t be so stingy!I don’t mean anything else,I just wanted to tell you,I have seen it on the data before,There is a kind of fruit on the island that can grow muscle and bone when eaten,Teeth will grow after you eat it!”
I was shocked!Seeing Ouyang’s sincere face,I guess he won’t lie about this,It would be great if there were such fruits,I’ve leaked my speech these two days,And dare not open his mouth wide,The gums are also aching,The key is that becoming a guilty tooth will affect my handsomeness and self-confidence to a certain extent,This involves my mental health issues,So Ouyang’s message came very timely。
I nodded:“Ouyang, you better stop bragging to me,If you fool me,I’ll pry your teeth out!”I hide my excitement,Can’t expose my emotions to the old ghost。
Ouyang hurriedly said:“Of course it is true!Guier just coaxed you!”
At this time Wen Ru was caught by He Ziqi and questioned severely.,I asked for a long time, I guess there is no result,He Ziqi just let him come,And asked Ouyang:“Brother Ouyang,Just now you said Wenru teasing girls everywhere is it true??”
Ouyang is slightly embarrassed,At this moment Wen Ru winked at him vigorously,Ouyang knew immediately,He cleared his throat,Then sit in the tunnel:“Purple chess,Listen to a sentence from big brother,Actually Wenru is really a good boy,Although he and those girls are full of flowers,But he actually pretends to be you。”
I heard goose bumps all over my body,I didn’t expect Ouyang to change his face so quickly,He Ziqi gave Wenru a hard look,Wen Ru quickly lowered his head,He Ziqi sneered:“Are you guys playing double acting??Just now why did you say Wenru is going around teasing girls??”
“Kidding kidding!”
Ouyang smiled warmly:“Sister, listen to your brother,That’s eldest brother joking with you!Actually Wenru talks about you all the way,He said he likes your wheaten skin the most,And your beautiful eyes,correct,He told me,I’ll marry you when I go back,He will hold a grand wedding for you,Hey,Sister,Brother is not afraid of your jokes,Tell you the truth,You look like a girl I have crushed for many years,what a pity,She was drowned。”
I rub!This old ghost actually played this trick again in front of Wen Ru!
He Ziqi was really moved by this method,There was sympathy in her eyes:“Brother, you are also a passionate person。”
I look dumbfounded,I didn’t expect his trick to work,It seems I have to learn something in the future。
”Don’t mention the past,The world has been windy and rainy,Sister,Cherish the person in front of you,Quarrel less,Get along with,The world is not easy,Fate is not easy。“Speaking of which,The old ghost wiped his eyes sadly,As if he really had tears。
”Brother, forget it,Almost done!“Wenru can’t stand it anymore,He looked at Wen Ru with disgust。
At this moment,A sharp whistle suddenly sounded on the beach!
Turned out to be a foreigner,After blowing the whistle, he turned and left,Hear the whistle,Those who worked in the sea stopped their work,They walked in twos and threes towards the foreigner with tools and catches。