Wen Bao dived into the vegetation,He moves very fast,Like a fierce fish in the sea of grass!

Sneak to a certain position,Wen Bao quickly stood up,Quickly took off the carved bow behind him,Then bend the bow and shoot the arrow,Boom!I hit the foreigner!That arrow is very powerful,Fly away with a hiss!He directly shot the foreigner across the head。
Then we ran away in a hurry,Those survivors who don’t know the truth are also trapped among the escaped crowd.,So there was a bloody carnage on the beach。
Listen to Xiaolong talking about this,Our hearts are very heavy,Although the survivors weren’t killed by us,But they also blocked the bullet for us。
Speaking of this, Xiaolong is also depressed:“I knew things would develop like this,I will never let Wen Bao shoot that foreigner to death。”
Next,Xiaolong talked about how he used his dragon stick to help Su Mei steal the boat on the top of the cliff,Unexpectedly, as soon as I returned to the cliff, I found someone standing there,In desperation, they had to kill those foreigners,But didn’t pay attention when tossing the body,Was discovered by Mike’s people,So there was the scene where I was tied to the beach and cleaned up。
There will be no suspense about the next thing,We fry the ship and steal the ship,Then capture Mike,So as to occupy the cave。
After listening to Xiaolong, what happened,I let him go to bed first,It’s already four o’clock in the morning,Xiaolong walked back to the resting tent。
Since Xiaolong has asked to understand,I should ask Su Mei next,I asked Wenru to find Ziqi,Let her call Su Mei over,But I didn’t expect Su Mei would not buy it at all,She asked Ziqi to tell me,I don’t have time to play with you!!
I don’t think there is any need for Su Mei to repeat it again,Of course they don’t do it,I can’t,And she is on fire,I’ll anger her for not having good fruit。
Fact is fact,Xiaolong will not lie to me!I believe in this,Wen Ru expressed helplessness at my confidence,He shrugged and spread his hands:“Whatever you say,Anyway you are a big brother,What my little brother said is useless。”
Speaking of which,Wen Ru frowned again:“anyway,I can’t let Ziqi go with her!The point is that they can never go back!”
Ouyang sighed:“I say brother,It’s going to rain,Mother wants to marry,How can you stop this??And a woman’s heart needle,You can’t touch it!I think you still study your eldest brother and me,You see, Su Mei used to be affectionate to me,now what,It’s not that I don’t recognize people!So bro,Don’t be obsessed with a woman,You have to open your eyes,We have to take the axe and cut two knives,Can’t be hanged on a tree!”
I didn’t mind listening to Ouyang’s gossip,I’m in tension,Pass the test of various events during this time,I find that I have an Achilles heel!That’s indecision,Can’t decide in case of trouble!
For example, I can’t do anything about Su Mei,Of course she is also a tough girl,But I can’t just watch her make mistakes?Think about it,I decided to blow up the ship!!Although this will cause her resentment,But things have developed into this,What am I afraid of?
Wen Ru actually supported my decision,But the look is very disturbed:“Brother Zhao,Sister Su will kill you if you do it like this!Besides, the yacht is not easy,It’s a pity to blow up。”