If you let the media know,The police had three victims under attack,I haven’t been able to arrest the prisoner yet,Instead, it led to the sacrifice of the innocent。

The situation that made the Metropolitan Police Department sweep the floor,Will definitely usher in crazy media attacks。
Those media don’t care how difficult your search is,Is it a needle in a haystack?,Are the prisoners randomly attacked?。
They only talk about Metropolitan Police Department waste,Senior officials are a group of rice worms who can only enjoy,Don’t protect the masses at all。
If this time comes,The Metropolitan Police Department will suffer,Credibility to society,Will be hit hard。
And for this case,Immediately after taking over, they attracted the attention of their three lines。
Officer Megome immediately called for a meeting,Introduce, analyze and discuss the details of the case。
First of all,The first victim。
The victim was a hot girl named Mizutani Ryoko,Two weeks ago,She started to pass the intersection,When stopping the car to wait for the red light,Suddenly a car came out from behind and hit it straight。
The car was rear-end collision,Naturally, she got out of the car angrily and was going to find someone for compensation,But who thought,I just got out of the car and haven’t waited for her to go crazy,The other side actually greeted me directly with a metal baseball bat。
And the second victim,Was attacked ten days ago,It was convenient for her to go to the park bathroom late at night,But just walked out of the bathroom,Was headshot by the prisoner with a baseball bat。
Then the third place,Miss Ishiguro was attacked yesterday.,She just walked out of the phone booth after calling,Was attacked by prisoners。
If it is the second case,It may be a coincidence,But by the time of the third case,The police officially confirmed that the other party was a serial assailant targeting hot girls。
Also after this,The Metropolitan Police Department immediately strengthened its patrol defense,Become proactive,Dispatched three lines of searches。
Arrest the prisoner as quickly as possible,Avoid the dead over time。