”Then you go shopping and buy you so many things!“

”Are you wrong!I found a stray cat on the road,Is the clothes and food I bought for this cat,Ok!“
”…………What’s the matter!Then can you talk to Brother Xu Yang?“
”Can’t say!“
”……Sister Pan Ruoxi!“
”……Less nausea,Pretending to be cute can’t hide your ugly face as a gangster!”
“Pan Ruoxi,Let’s make friends anyhow!“
”Who is your friend!“
”Whoops!It depends on the face I let you off once!“
”Humph!I think I am a person who will pay for it,correct,Or tell Xu Yang how you let me go!“
”do not!do not,Big sister!I’m wrong!I’m wrong!“Just kidding!I just said that the man wanted this woman’s first kiss,Be beaten like this!If you tell Xu Yang,,He was almost strongJThis woman,I guess there will be one more grave in the wilderness, right?。I think my pores are dull。Let Xu Yang lose his temper!
“Ugh,You really don’t talk about spirits!You look,Your brother is going to be beaten up!“
”……You woman is really poisonous!”
“Forget it,You guys keep playing!I’m leaving,You look at the things on the ground are all your brother Xu Yang!Will give him later,I am leaving!”
“what!!!You just left!”
“Hum!”I’m not interested in watching people fight!
“Xu Yang!Sister Ruoxi is leaving!”This scream successfully prevented the fist from falling!A man with violent veins,Staring at me!
I go,Really scary,I’m so terrible!Anyway, I am also someone who has practiced for decades!
”Hee!Where are you going?“