When only one person was injured at first,The police officer in charge of the case thought it was just an ordinary assault.。

But wait until the investigation,Second time、After the third case happened immediately,The police realized that this was a malicious serial wounding incident,Immediately start to pay attention。
As for why it is so sure,That’s because the people who were attacked are so characteristic。
Hot girl。
Yes,The three attacked were girls dressed as hot girls。
And this case,And immediately attracted the attention of the police。
Because of attacks like this,The prisoners are constantly evolving。
Attack the target carefully from the very beginning,Afterwards, a successful change will exacerbate the mentality of the prisoner,Make the other party more aggressive。
And this kind of case over time,even…
First271chapter Hot girl serial attack
Life case!
The end of this case,If it is not stopped in time,That high probability will turn into a murder。
Because in the success of the attacks,Prisoners’ violent tendencies will become more obvious,And hatred towards specific groups will also increase the offender’s aggressiveness。
So consecutive damage events,The prisoner may be dazzled by anger at any time,The victim was killed without a serious attack。
So in order to avoid this kind of thing from happening,The case was handed over from the police station in the area to Tang Ze and their headquarters to search the first department and the third department.。
One is because the victim was attacked across many areas,The local police station is only responsible for its own area,This kind of case is obviously not convenient。
And the other is Tang Ze’s performance,Deeply anticipated by the big guys,So I hope he can catch the prisoner quickly before the victim appears。